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Is anyone else having problems with Nano 7th Gen skipping or not playing some songs on shuffle mode? Mine is very intermittant with playing songs, either skips over a few songs before it finds one it can play, or just won't play when it gets to a certain song. All the songs play fine in individual song/album/artist mode. Any help appreciated!

iPod nano, Windows 7
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    Even if a track is playing fine in iTunes, it can still be corrupted in some way that will prevent it from being played on a MP3 player.


    Check the tracks that are gettings skipped. See where they came from. Also, do this tracks skip and don't play at all or do they play a little bit, then skip?



  • Andyando Level 1 Level 1

    I have a mix, some:

    - Play in the song/album/artist mode, but won't play during shuffle.

    - Start to play for a second and then either stop, or skip to next song.

    - Display the album art for a split second, then goes to the next song.


    I don't seem to be having the same problem with my ipod shuffle?



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    You need to identify the tracks that are doing this. Then in iTunes, "Get Info" on them and see how they are different from your other tracks. Were these bought in iTunes? Imported from CD?



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    Ok, looks like there was some sort of corruption going on with certain mp3 files that meant Nano didn't like playing them. Ran application called MP3Diags which fixed files and now all play perfectly. Help appreciated.

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    Glad to hear you worked it out. Thanks for the tip on the software, I will have to check that out.



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    i'm having the same skipping song issue.


    how do you actually work the MP3DIAGS application?

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    I'm having the same issue with my dad's ipod 7. I bought it for him 2 1/2 years ago during christmas time.He has probably about over 1,500 (or so) songs on it and only hears about 200-300 songs and they just play certian ones over and over again.Eventhough the ipod is on 'all songs' and is set on 'shuffle' it acts like its on a playlist of just those songs. This ipod has just become more of an issue since we got it. Not too long ago he told that when the ipod turns off and he charges it for its full capacity of time. Instead of the ipod leaving off at (lets say 96th song) it'll start back up at 1 and just play the same songs over and over again that he has previously already listened to. And to tack on to the obnoxious issues, the battery that use to last him all day or at least 7/8 hours now has began to crap out and will only play for 2 hours. Even though it is fully charged, it acts like it only charged for an hour or so. We have called apple many times trying to solve this issue with no luck. So I was wondering if anyone has found anything out about the fix to these issues or at least the songs playing over and over again and letting me know would be highly apprciated!