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    I am on my 5th iphone 4s white 16 g spirnt and have had flash issues with every single phone. My mom has black 4s same issue. Anybody who says its how your holding your phone is a f#$&*&% idiot. I mean really. Its not rocket science. Point and shoot. Every genius bar associate clams i'm the first person to report this. lol really. Ok i guess your just doing what your told. But unfortuantly i'm passed my 30 days and past my patience. why swap out again. just fix the problem. bullsh$*

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    Many people know of the problem with the flash & camera. I understand they love apple but. When you call support or go to a store not one person will say that they have heard of a problem with the camera. What bull apple support stinks so far for me. I guess if I break the phone I will have to see what I will have to go through to get it fixed or replaced. Hey apple why don't you just fix your iphone problems? The way the phone market is in another year all phones will work like SIRI and be much more advanced . Most things in this world  come to an end . I guess your looking to be one of the next. Fix your iphones. Apples eventually turn brown and bitter. So far I like most of the things about my iphone and what I use it for. It is my first smartphone . But I do not like the way apple has there employees turn away from problems that they know there is a problem with. Wake up. Before you get a wake up call and its to late. Apple you must have people read most of the posts on your sites? So how about an update? Or are you waiting for your next iphone to come out so you can make many more millions? And screw the iphone 4s customers that now have to have there iphone for two years. And AT&T could care less they tell you to call apple and you use your land line minutes. Your on hold with apple with all there bull crap questions  the call takes about 45 min and they are dopes. What a rip off.

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    The issue with washed out photos, when using the flash, seems to be due to (1) having a white iPhone 4+ and (2) using a white case. I had a black case on my white iPhone4 and never had an issue until my girlfriend bought me a couple of white cases for my white iPhone4. It doesn't seem to matter - any white case on my white iPhone4 causes washed out pictures when using the flash. If I remove the white cases or go back to my black case with my white iPhone4 the issue goes away. I can reproduce this like clockwork.


    If I try either white case on my girlfriend's black iPhone4 there is no issue (w/ or w/o flash). So there's clearly an issue with the white iPhone4+. Tonight I took my iPhone4 to the Genius Bar and the tech thought I was nuts until I was able to reproduce the issue in front of him. I even had him try it out on a white iPhone4S and we were able to reproduce the exact same issue. So "the good news" is that the issue isn't limited to the iPhone4.


    Apple really need to do something about this. I find it completely unacceptable.

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    ok I had a black iphone 4 in a balck case with the washed out pictures. I returned it to the store ( I did have insurance) and got it replaced within a week. I did all the things everyone has already tried...cases, holding the camera this way or that way, even stood on one foot while taking the pictures, but the deal was...the pictures were awful. When my new iphone arrived, it was white. It seemed to be ok in the store. I took a few pictures with it and all seemed better. It's been two weeks and now guess what...I have washed out, very ugly pictures. My husband's iphone 4 takes lovely photographs in his black case or without his case, while my pictures stink with our without the case...again.

    So I think it is a defective camera within the phone and Apple needs to make good on a bad product. I love all other features of the phone, but this camera is the worst. I now have to go back to the store and return this one. It's such a waste of time and energy- and pictures. 

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    There's an absolute connection between the phone and the case with both my black iPhone and my wife's white one. With our cases on (mine is a Case Mate and hers is a generic), both phones take flash pix with the left side washed out to some extent. Remove the cases and both IPhones take fine flash pix.


    As a result, I'm puzzled by reports that the phones take washed out pictures without a case in place. Are you using the flash for shots at a reasonable distance? It's good only to maybe 8-10 feet at most, and really designed for closer shots. If you use it next to reflective surfaces, - even white walls - it could reflect light and cause a washout. otherwise, I really don't know what the problem is.


    One solution is to turn the flash off - the camera takes amazingly good pictures even in low light without it!




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    I do not have the iPhone 4s just the 4 and my pictures with the flash are all washed out. I know how to take pictures and I'm aware how to avoid over exposed pictures, but this flash just is not working correctly. As I said before I returned the black phone and got a new white one and it too is doing the same thing. There is no film on the back and the pictures are washed out without any case. So I'm just frustrated with the situation.

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    I have posted a few times about the iphone 4s flash and pictures being washed out . I think What I did made it work fine most of the time . I first got a case that is thin and near the flash there is a big opening  it is very thin walled. The next thing I did is take any other camera apps off the phone and I reset the phone in settings. You will not lose any info on your phone I reset and it works fine the pictures are good no more washed out look. That's all I did . But as for apple they still are no help the people they have working in support su-k. And apple needs to train them to know there job and products.

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    guys try to open the back plastic. I had same problem and since i removed back plastic it has been solved.

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    Hey.  I had the same problem.  Then the nice young lady at Best Buy suggested I remove the plastic sheeting that covers the forward camera and flash on new phones.  Problem solved after seven weeks.  Duh!

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    Guys, guys. The business of removing the clear plastic protective film has been discussed already.


    For lots of people the solution is to remove the phone from any kind of case - even though the case has a cutout and the flash looks to be unhindered, the flash sends out light in all directions and some of the light will reflect back across the lens of the camera. This is what makes the light or white "glare across the photos.


    If there is some way to cut out the flash hole in the case to make it bigger, that will probably fix the problem and allow yout to use your phone case.


    To test this, simply take the phone out of the case and try a flash picture ... you'll probably find it is fine. Put it back in the case and the dreaded white glare returns.




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    Cutting a large hole around the lens and flash is a good idea. Another one that may help (and you'll notice some cases already have this) is to make sure that the rim of the case hole around the lens and flash is black. So if you're feeling creative you can dig out a marker and try it. I would have myself but I moved onto an iPhone 5.

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    My 4s was taking beautiful pictures in the daytime but foggy ones at night.


    I took off the silicon case and discovered I hadn't removed the almost invisible black plastic. Doh!


    I hope this helps. My nighttime photos now are as good as any other camera with the same specs.


    Hope this helps. FWIW, the 4s is black.

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    I've just noticed the multiple other posts about the clear plastic back.


    Must be pretty infuriating if that wasn't the problem.





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    Maybe apple want to loose their good supporters.

    Amazing how Samsung can get their camera to take

    Great night photos but apple can't. Maybe apple should just realize

    That you cannot adjust your focus or aperture with no light.

    Add light, focus and adjust aperture, then take pic. 

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    Come on. For a phone camera, the iPhone takes phenomenal pictures. I have high-megapixel DSLR's and am pretty picky, and I'm consantly surprised at the camera's abilities.


    As for Samsung, I have relatives with Galaxy S III's and I'm not impressed - the low-light performance is not as good and the color balance is off. My 4S beats them hands down.


    This whole flash thing boils down to two things - neither of whichis Apple's fault:


    1. The clear plastic covering was left on the back of the phone, or

    2. A case or cover is interfering with the flash. Take it off and problem solved.


    I'm no Apple apologist, but this whole thingis being overplayed. But if you still don't like the iPhone, fine - get a Samsung.