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When I set up my iCloud account it chose my .MAC  email address to use. I also have an AOL address and a GMAIL address that I use. Will iCloud support more than one address?  How do I add them?

mobile me, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    You can't use external email accounts with iCloud.

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    Thank-you !

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    Useful to know.  I made my itunes/apple account years ago and it doesn't use an email (just a user name).  Trying to join iCloud it is asking me to change my ID to an email address but it won't allow me to.  Does this mean I have to make a specific iCloud (or mac) address in order to do this?  I'm a first time mac user...

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    Incorrect. My appleID has always been a yahoo email address..... I never use that email so now changed it to a gmail address... Now I can't figure out hoe to access or edit or delete the yahoo ID that is greyed out in iCloud info since now have gmail as appleID.  Iwant to create a new @me.com account but it's telling my old one is taken.... But it was me! Ugh.  How can I delete the yAhoo ID from icloud info?!

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    Incorrect. My appleID has always been a yahoo email address


    No. I'm not incorrect. We're talking about using external email addresses/accounts with iCloud, NOT as Apple ID's if you bother to read this thread properly.


    Quoted from: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4918


    After moving to iCloud, the following webmail features will no longer work:

    • Checking external POP email accounts.
    • Using a "Send From" address to send from a non @me.com or @mac.com email address.
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    I find this super frustrating! I have 2 different work email accounts that I have to use. The whole point of downloading Lion and setting up iCloud was that I wouldn't have tons of emails between my mac, iphone, and ipad each day to go through. I wanted mail on all my devices managed and synced together. Is there any way to do this?

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    nice.  i did read the thread, and the person wanted to sign into iCloud with a non-.mac or @me.com account.  i just switched my AppleID from a yahoo  address to a gmail  address, and still don't even have a .mac or @me.com account, and my iCloud is active.  it took all the contacts from my MacBook and iPad, all songs and apps from iPad and iPod, and everything is on my iPhone, and the iCloud account is syncing - without an "external" email address associated with any of it. 


    my understanding is that if you add other email addresses - i.e., gmail or whatever, and they are in your phone, all of those are backed up in iCloud, but i truly don't know.  if you want to keep/move your gmail contacts or other email contacts into your iPhone, don't add it as Gmail in the iPhone, add it as Exchange, then leave Domain blank, and then for Server, put m.google.com if google.  this way, all gmail contacts will show up in iPhone (they won't if you add it as Gmail).  i am thinking that all those contacts, calendars, emails, etc. on your devices will be saved into iCloud, but i don't know how to check that.  i got all mine.