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I've had my iPod touch 4G 32gb for about 9 months now and for some reason it won't hold a charge anymore. The battery level is completely depleted and won't charge, when I try to charge it, the picture of the low red battery sign shows up with a lightning bolt thing right below it. Even though it says it's low on battery, it won't charge, i've tried to charge it by using a computer and tried the wall charger and still doesn't charge. The low battery sign only shows up when it's plugged into a computer or wall, I can't sync it because the iPod doesn't have any juice left in it. I've tried a hard reset but it doesn't do anything. I don't want to spend $150 just to get this repaired but should I try anything else before I do?

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    Have you tried hard resetting the iPod? hold the sleep and home buttons for approx. 10 seconds until the Apple logo is shown with a black background like it's restarting. Sometimes the software needs a "breather" and doing a hard reset clears memory and restarts everything; that might trigger the charge. (this does not affect any data on the iPod)


    Disclaimer: this is a total guess. Sometimes my iPod doesn't charge at 80% and it eventually fixes itself.