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I recently updated my iPod Touch 4th gen to iOS 5. Just after this, my iPod shows two albums for the same album i.e my music library has the album "Led Zeppelin IV" but on my iPod it is showing as two different albums. However when I go into the 'songs' tab in my ipod it only shows one copy of the song in the playlist. THEN, I tried deleting the song from the library completely; also deleted it from my computer. I synced my iPod once again, and i still saw "Led Zeppelin IV" (which does not exist in my iTunes library or my harddrive on my computer) as two albums. When i went into 'songs' again, there was only one copy of each song.


The current situation is that i have unchecked the 'sync music' category for my iPod when it shows up under 'devices' in iTunes. Therre are none but these 8 songs on my iPod, and i cant seem to get rid of them. Help?

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