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I have just acquired a MacBook Pro and am having some difficulty with the size of the fonts. In Text Edit or Pages, for example, if I set the Font size at 12, which is suitable for printing, I practically need a magnifying glass to read it on the screen. For comfortable reading off the screen I have to set the size at 16 - unsuitable for printing.

How do I correct this to bring the size on the screen into line with the printed version?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Hi B,


    One way is to open System Preferences > Displays and set the display to a lower resolution. This will make everything on the display look larger, but will not affect the size for printing.

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    Lowering the resolution doesn’t help with TextEdit. I still have to set the font size at 16 to read it comfortably.

    There must be a way to bring the font size on the screen into sync with the print copy.