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  • realzzz Level 1 Level 1

    just had the new one, so far its fine but it needs more testing to see if its solved...

  • behrangs Level 1 Level 1

    I am in Toronto area with Fido and I have the same problem. It goes to EDGE and I should go to airplan mode and back to get 3G.

  • frank140 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm coming back from the Apple store in Munich, Germany, where I had an appointment with a genius regarding the 3G/Edge/Lost Network issue. He told me:


    - Problems Appear When the Network is weak and/or overloaded.

    - It's a Software Bug in combination with many simcards. At his own iPhone 4s he had to Exchange the SIM Card Seven (7!!!) Times before it worked. This explains that Some customers are telling that the exchange didn't improve the Situation.

    - In Germany only Vodafone and T-Mobile are changing SIM cards for Free - O2 and E-Plus don't. I can confirm that O2 Asked me to Pay 25,00 Euro (35,00 Dollar), So I didn't because the success is uncertain.

    - The availability of The Software Update is expected in 2 weeks.

    - If the Update fails he will exchange my iphone.


    For clarification I don't have the no SIM issue since removing the PIN Code, I can Always send and receive SMS and make phone calls - I only cannot Access the mobile Internet at Some Places in and around Munich.


    If you are customer of T-Mobile or Vodafone ASK them to change the SIM card again and again, obviously it will work Some Time.


    O2 customers like me are still poor Dogs, wie have to wait for the New Firmware....Or to keep the Risk for paying for One, two, three., ...,? New simcards.



    All the best,



  • BlueFlowers Level 1 Level 1

    Because there is no toggle switch, I have to return my 4s.   I need the ability to turn 3G off. The 4s is dropping a ton of calls. On my iPhone 4, all I had to do was turn 3G off and I had perfect voice calls.  Without that choice, the 4s has to be returned.

  • BlueFlowers Level 1 Level 1

    Yes but there is no guarantee the software release in a couple weeks will give us the toggle switch back, enabling us to choose when to turn 3G off.  In the meantime, my 30 days will expire.  I can't take that chance to be stuck with a phone that can't keep a connection to calls. I reactivated my iPhone 4 yesterday and I'm boxing up my 4s and returning it this weekend.

  • Jader Ivan Level 1 Level 1

    same problem here..

    Iphone 4 connects to the strongest signal, so where I need to use internet, EDGE is better than 3G and the phone always stay in EDGE. I got an android before and it could change to 3G mode only in a tap, at this same spot.

    I wish an option to switch force 3G or force EDGE withtout need to jailbreak or reset phone

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    Same problem!!! Apple, plz.

  • Paparazzo69 Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same identical problem in italy with TIM as mobile operator ... Iphone 4s and iOS 5.0.1

  • adalion Level 1 Level 1

    Why i am having the same problem, like in my room my Blackberry acquired a 3g signal so as my broadband stick under one Network provider but my Iphone 4s only acquires Edge. this is getting very frustrating..

  • Gabriel Boscan Level 1 Level 1

    I think the guy at Genius Bar, just say he had to "Exchange the SIM Card Seven (7!!!)" Times before it worked because its a easier to blame the SIM card from the company

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    i am in Indonesia, using Telkomsel on my iphone 4s and i got the same problem.

    auto switching 3g to edge and manually airplane mode for get the 3g back.

    everyday, everywhere, everytime...


    fix this please...

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    Greetings from Argentina!  Here an iPhone 4s 64GB user (iOS 5.0.1 - 9A406) as of Feb-18-2012. There are three carriers down here: Movistar® (Spain), Personal® (France/Italy) and Claro® (Mexico). The three of them LIE®. They advertise "3G coverage from Iguazu Falls to Tierra del Fuego" but there is not a bigger LIE than a partial truth. Their 3G signal is terrible. I does not matter if you have 5 over 5 bars of good signal; the band is collapsed on the three carriers. It's like trying to connect to a Starbucks' WiFi spot along 254 other customers. Yes, you will be able to see a strong WiFi signal, but you will certainly not be able to navigate to; hence the iPhone 4s will remain in "3G mode" because it "believes" that there is a strong 3G signal available.

    *** SOLUTION for Scott Forstall, Senior Vice President of iPhone Software at Apple *** (please do the same if you visit us, it works in Argentina !!)

    When an important overseas business call rings and it is identified on the iPhone screen, quickly run to a public bathroom (a nuclear shelter works better), close the door and grab the iPhone strongly with both hands desperately like praying and -sometimes- the iPhone 4s might switch from 3G to EDGE or GPRS mode. Ahhhh, crystal clear communication.

    But of course Mr. Forstall, it's not you, it's me... And I need a 4G / 3G / 2G band selector.

    Kind regards,  Michael Palacio

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    Good evening from Argentina Mr. Scott Forstall, Senior Vice President of iPhone Software at Apple, iOS 5.1 as of March 7th, 2012 solves the 3G / 2G band selection. Thank you very much!

    Kind (kind) regards, Michael Palacio

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    Am from indonesia, updated the 4s to 5.1 and no effect ... It is EDGE while i couldve had 3G (for comparison my ipad is just fine on 3G). Have the card exchanged several times, no effect.


    Its only when i toggle the connection and turning it on and off and on again..then only 3g comes back to live, even then it is only staying there for like 15 mins or so, and the EDGE took over


    Any solutions or new uPdates on the Patches ?



  • michaelpalacio Level 1 Level 1


    Hi! I'm sorry to tell you that I had the opposite problem.

    EDGE is perfect to talk but when I must use Safari I switch to 3G that is fast for Internet but terrible to speak (and vice-versa)

    So: your carrier is liying to you with the "3G quality signal" that is offering -and charging you-

    Try for a week with a "Pre-paid SIM Card" of a different Carrier and tell us what happened.

    Good luck! Michael