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    Am now using different carrier ... still DAY-1 ... and it went to EDGE in around 20 mins. If i toggle the airplane mode ... it goes to 3G again, but around that time (15-20 mins) its going to EDGE again ..


    I think this is (hopefully) a software issues ya ... used 5.1 already. Read some blogs on the net, that one of apple technician actually recomment the person to go back to 4.x.x IOS...but its now impossible righth ?


    I guess, waiting a new software update is a way to go


    Or any other opinions?

  • michaelpalacio Level 1 Level 1


    Since you write like a methodic person I decided to test it for myself to understand if the "random switching from 3G to EDGE and back" was your isolated problem or a general one.


    I can now inform you that the bug can be reproduced but I don't know the proper effective channels to inform the iPhone Tech Support, perhaps you or somebody in the community does.


    YOUR PROBLEM: you want 3G but it switches to EDGE

    MY PROBLEM: (can be reproduced) I want EDGE but it switches to 3G


    How to reprodude on an iPhone 4s 64GB iOS 5.1 (9B179) as of March 13th 2012, Argentina Movistar Carrier:

    1. Settings > General > Network > Enable 3G OFF (=2G: EDGE, GPRS, GSM)

    2. Turn off and on the iPhone

    3. Settings > General > Network > Enable 3G was automatically turned ON!


    IMHO, "Enable 3G" looks unstable for your and my problem.


    Kind regards, Michael

  • GamerBoyzzz Level 1 Level 1

    I agree with ZipZap, i am in Indonesia, used 5.1 too and the signal problem still unsolved.

  • GamerBoyzzz Level 1 Level 1

    I am sorry i don't know how to edit my last post..

    Finally, I think this is about network carrier.

    I got this problem inside my home and when i going to outside, my 3G signal never switch back to edge.

    I just hope iOS can do what my network carrier cannot do, i know i am wrong, it's impossible for now..


    Thanks apple :)

  • ZipZap Level 1 Level 1



    I tried using the same operator , same SIM and put it in my ipad. On the ipad, the symptoms didnt happen. On iP4s, it went to EDGE, but not on the ipad, stable 3G.


    So, my assumption now is : somewhre in IP4S firmware or hardware , there is something that is making the device not sensitive to 3G...while ipad is able to receive 3G on most places (on that specific operator). Am using XL axiata.


    Hope apple can give an update on software at least...


    Anybody knows what is the update cycle for IOS ?

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