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    Yes, I did find that my Oticon Streamer works after upgrading it.  Had to take it to the audiologists to have the firmware upgraded. All is well now (except a little static sometimes)

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    Dream on, Apple made sure nobody can get  back to v4

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    I was paired via bluetooth handsfree to my 2005 525i BMW flawlessly with my iPhone prior to the OS5 update. Upon updating and receiving,  I can not get my new iPhone 4Gs nor my older 3Gs with OS5 paired and connected via bluetooth in my car. The BMW dealer tried to connect for me after several failed attempts, it was determined by a qualified technician, that Apple and/or BMW will have to correct the issue. The dealer is blaming the OS5 update. They do believe, that due to the relation between the two companies, there should be an update soon to resolve the connectivity and pairing issues between our beloved devices and our cars under the new OS and the new iPhone 4Gs.


    Let me know if any discovers a work around.

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    Initially, I could also not pair any iOS5 phone (3GS, 4S) with my 2008 750Li. Our older BMWs typically require a PIN to be entered in the phone when pairing.  Newer models do not. My PIN was somehow corrupted (or just hung up for lack of complete technical clarity) in the vehicle's TCU. I was able to reset the TCU and then the iPhone 4S finally paired successfully.  Not a guaranteed solution for you, but maybe some hope.  BMW service can scan the TCU through the OBD  to check the PIN and BT version, but wanted to charge me $160 for the service. 


    I had wasted a lot of time trying to pair the iPhone 4S with my iPad and MacBook Pro, something which had worked with my iPhone 3G and iOS4.  What I recently learned from apple corporate (not Apple support) was that even though the previous BT pairing may have worked, it was not a supported feature. I was surprised to learn this because I recall the AT&T phone data plan for tethering the older 3G iPhone specifically called out using a BT or USB connections because WiFi was not an option in that device.  Maybe I missed the fine print in the 100+ page legal agreement clause! 


    Once I refocusd on the car connection, I was able to re-establish the BT pairing and it has not dropped or had any issues since then. Check your PIN if your vehicle uses that pairing method. 

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    Thank you for your work on this issue.  I have an 08 550i with exactly the same problem and been scouring the web looking for solutions. I am sure it's this PIN issue you have identified, but how do I reset the TCU in the car?

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    I like the idea of reseting the TCU, please let us know if we can do without dealer.


    Interesting thing is, when our BMW dealer, tech looked at the bluetooth, he did comment that the TCU had corrision where it connected and wanted to monitor, however that it has no relation to the software or the phones software. Point being the hardware should still connect.


    Side note, different BMW's had different bluetooth modules. The 08 750i has a different electronic design/set-up then I do in my 05 530i.

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    First try the simple checks.  Dd you delete your existing paired BT devices?  My system has a limit of four devices. Probably better to start from zero regardless.  The TCU, if you know how to get to it, should have a plug and a fiber optic cable connected to it.  Disconnect for 15 minutes or so and then reconnect.  You could also disconnect the battery. There are warnings on doing this, but car btteries do die on there own and I doubt BMW would build a car that would self-destruct without power.  Lastly,  double check your PK number and make sure you did not have your TCU serviced which could result in a new PK. 

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    My wife's iPhone 4 with iOS5 will pair to her car (previously no issues) but will not pick up a call or dial.  My iPhone 4 with iOS5 will pair and pick no issue with the car...definite issue with the upgrade.  does anyone know of a solution?

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    I also have the same problem  to paring to my Mini cooper bluethooth the problem is that the

    iphone do not detect anthing until get the car looking for the device. all the day works fine

    and the next morning i have to do de paring again.

    Apple please help fix this

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    Can't do it either - tried tethering also, nadda.

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    Hopefully a Bluetooth fix comes with iOS 5.0.1 due out in a few weeks. Rumor has it that this update is intended to fix the heavily publicised battery drain problems but fingers crossed for a Bluetooth fix also.

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          Hello There


    Problem solved ! When I purchased the Bluetooth Visor devise;VM-605 .The merchant set it up for me.He told me: When the iPhone and Vm-605 were activated they would automatically connect.

    But because of the update .this was no longer the case.I went the long difficult way to figure this out and basically it was so simple that  I overlooked this totally.By George.I reset the pin # to 0000.Where as my own password wouldn't work.Now everything is working as it should.Simplicity is often overlooked! Thanks JB.

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    I have had no problem pairing my 4S to both my 2008 Honda Accord HandsFree, and a Blue Tooth headset. What I cannot connect to or download into is the phonebook in my Honda HandsFree system. Have tried every trick I can think of, and every trick I read about on the blog. The new firmware update due out in a few weeks: Does anybody know if it is going to address this BlueTooth problem? Or just the battery drain problem.

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    I have also had problems pairing my Motorola T505 with my IPhon 3GS.  I had no problems with previous versions of IOS.  But since upgrading with IOS 5, every time I turn off my IPhone, I have to perform the pairing up with my bluetooth devices. 


    The problem has something to do with shutting off the IPhone.  After restarting the IPhone, the grey Bluetooth symbol is no longer shown.  Eventhough the Settings > General >Bluetooth setting indicates the bluetooth is on, none of the known paired devies are shown.  You have to go into the Setting > General > Bluetooth then turn the Bluetooth setting off and back on again.  Once this is done, the bluetooth icon shows up again on the home screen, all known devices are shown in the list, and pairing works like before IOS5.

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    My Bluetooth issue is this,I have a 2011 BMW X1 2.0d with a factory fit bluetooth system installed.I have used an iPhone 4 flawlessly for the past year.In November I made the mistake of "upgrading" to an iPhone 4s,apart from the battery drain issue,the bluetooth connection will intermittantly fail.By this the phone will ring,the car says I have a connection but the two ignore each other,if I try and select my car in the phones menu it wont let me as it is "greyed out",leaving handset as the only option.The only way to fix this is to switch off the bluetooth on the phone and switch back on again.This can happen two or three times a day.

    My conclusion is iOS 5 is a pile of C**P.A lesson in how to take a fantastic phone with great software iOS4 and totally screw it up.Thanks Apple.