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    The ios 5.0.1 "update" (not) has totally messed up  my working life as bluetooth pairing on my iphone 3Gs is now non existent.

    This function worked beautifully before with my cars audio system.



    Apple  when will this bug be fixed?????

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    I have really important presentations comming up, was over the moon with the idea of remote from my iphone 4s to my iPad 2........ Low and behold two of the most powerful items of technology known to man will not pair in blue tooth! Brilliant, especially as I've purchased both apps specifically for this purpose. I now cannot even sync through wifi! This in theory an outstanding system but theory is no good when selling a product that doesn't work.


    Apple please fix quickly as I want the theory to become practice!

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    Try turning wifi off on both devices and then pairing.

  • Thorby Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Done that already and all other different on and off options in between, to no avail unfortunately.

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    I have a 2006 BMW and have lost bluetooth pairing with my iPhone 3GS (5.0.1). I just gave BMW an earful for not keeping up with the latest ios but maybe Apple is to blame. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    Now that we have a supposed release date for iOS 5.1 (March 9), has anyone heard whether 5.1 will fix this?  I've tried all the tricks with my '08 Infiniti G35 and it won't stay paired: two Genius Bar appointments, resetting Network Settings, turning BT off then on before getting in the car, turning wifi off, turning the phone off then on before getting inthe car. 


    I have a work-issued Blackberry that pairs just fine with the car. 

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    I've been waiting, patiently. I can not get my 530i paired either. BMW dealer says it would take replacing my TCU in the car, unless this update is going to help our cause. Lets hope so. I think Apple owes us!

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    Just got mine to connect. Hold down the "+" button on the right of the VM-605 and the "FM" button for 4 seonds and you will hear a message saying it is in pairing mode - go and search for devices on the iphone and it discovers it - password is required which is 0000 - bingo, it works!

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    I have never felt the need to post to a public forum, but my recent experience (or lack of) with my iphone is beyonnd frustrating.  I had been using my iphone 4 for just over a year and a half.  During that time the bluetooth has always worked well with my BMW.  Within the last week and a half, my battery just started draining.  It would be at 100% and 4 hours later it would be under 20%.  I removed all my apps and reset anything that might be using resources (location services, push, etc.).  As a last ditch effort I completely wiped the phone.  I am going through the process of slowing adding apps back and configuring, because a restore just recreates the same problem.  All is good until I turned on the Bluetooth and paired with my BMW.  Now the battery is once again draining at an alarming rate.  It seems to never stop trying to discover devices.

    Apple, please work on this ios issue.

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    Downloaded 5.1 and it looks like it solves the issue.  The interface with my car is still not 100% reliable, but it functions well enough to be used now. 

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    Just FYI, I wanted to let people know that, when I got my iPhone 4S, I could not pair it with my 2006 BMW, even though I had been able to pair my iPhone 4 just fine. I took it to the shop, and they told me my TCU (telephone communication unit) was dead, that their diagnostic computer couldn't communicate with it etc. That would be about $500 to replace, including labor.


    So I looked around online at some BMW forums, and saw that one tech recommended simply disconnecting the TCU for five minutes, then reconnect it, essentially rebooting the unit. I had my shop do this today, and they said they didn't think it worked, because their diagnostic computer still could not comminicate with it. But when I got my car back, I went ahead and tried pairing again, just in case, and it worked!


    Long story short: If you have a BMW, disconnect your TCU for five minutes (my shop also removed the fuse) to reboot the unit, and then try pairing again. If you have another type of car, I bet you also have something like a TCU that you can try rebooting. My theory is that these units get overloaded after you pair a few phones with them. They're just computers that sometimes crash, right?


    I hope that helps someone else with this issue.

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      Hi .This question has been  resolved some time ago.Thanks for the help.John Basso

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