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I used to be able to tap "Play All" and it would play all the songs by the selected artist.  This feature doesn't seem to be around any more in iOS 5.  What am I missing?

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    You're missing the same thing I'm missing, and it's most frustrating!


    Not only does it not seem possible to play all the songs by an artist anymore, but there's also no way to shufle the songs either.  (About shuffle, if you select one song first, which I don't want to do, then there's a little shuffle icon to the right of the progress bar and the rest of the songs IN THAT ALBUM get shuffled, but still you can't play all the songs by an artist with multiple albums.)


    This can still be done on the Touch and I guess also on the iPhone (which I haven't received yet) but since the iPad has better speakers, I often like to put it on my desk and play music.  The iPad is a lot less flexible in terms of playing music than the Touch/iPhone.  SIGH

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    What really burns my bum is that it wasn't this way in iOS 4. The previous version if the Music App for iPad worked just fine.  I don't know what it is about Apple and downgrading features with an upgrade but it's really starting to **** me off.  They are consistantly "fixing" things that aren't broken.


    So unless someone can't point out that I'm missing some new way of playing all of an artists tracks, randomly, this new Music App is does not get a good review from me.  1 * out of 5 in my opinion.



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    I'm with you on that... Apple, don't fix it if it's not broken!!!


    I hate the "improvements" they force on us... another one is that when viewing your music playlists there is no longer a list view, only an album cover view.  And no option for us to switch back.  Another one is the new "tabs" in Safari... I liked the old way better with the icon at the top that let you view the other open pages and switch them or close them.  Now the tabs show what you might have open and if anyone looks at your screen they'll see the titles of pages that are on the tabs.

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    The onl way I found is to create a new playlist on the fly.  Go to playlists select new, search for the artist you want and then select all albums. Then when you play that play list you can also shuffle it.

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    I'm new to Apple products, but I find w,hat they did to the music player horrible. When people said the iPad was just a big iPhone without phone service, I at least had some kind of argument for them.  Now the iPad is. Worse than the iPhone. Why have an iPad at all? iPhone and laptop, and I'll be selling off my iPad. Waste of money.


    Can I get a refund when Apple hoses up a perfectly good product?