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Upgrading from an iPhone 3G and everything from my restore syncs and works fine.  Every App that I have purchased on my new iPhone 4S will not back-up.  I keep getting error message that my computer is not authorized for purchased items and the only items that won't back up are the new purchased items on the 4S.  I tried deauthorizing my computer and reauthorizing it and that does not help.  I get a "this computer is already authorized"  and when I sync I get "this computer is not authorized" error message.  Very Frustrating !  The new apps worked fine until I went to back them up today and now they won't open and they haven't been backed up so if I delete them they will be gone.  I see the icons on my phone but they no longer show in my purchased items in my iTunes account.  What happened ?  Help !

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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