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How do I turn off icloud and go back to my mobile me settings

iMac, iOS 5
  • Sjazbec Level 4 (1,670 points)

    You can turn off USING icloud by just disabling in iOS5 settings or/and in OSX/Windows Systemsettings/Controlpanels.


    But your MobileMe account has MOVED ( "migrated") , so you are now to Apple an iCloud User ( regardless if you use it or not ), you can't go back to MM.

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    This s***s. Apple cannot get iCloud to work properly but slams the door on its users. Apple apps used to just WORK! Steve is already sorely missed...

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    Yea icloud is a disaster. Too bad. After lots of time at a genuis bar, they finally told me that you can simply go into iCloud settings on the phone and slide all of the slider bars (mail, contacts, reminders, bookmarks, etc) to OFF. Do the same on the iCloud system preferences on your Mac. The only thing is that there might be some damage control since you might loose some contacts and iCal appointments and other things you did while you were in the 'cloud.'

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    Where is the 17" inch for professionals ?

    Mountain Lion - Apple TV does not support the biggest community of mac users !

    Icloud ***** like ****. Idisk needs life support.


    Oh Apple, haven't you learn from

    Macinsoft ?

    Microtosh ?


    How to organize your way out ?

    How to destroy an amazing, innovative indusrty ?