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I can't find a way to search all mail in iCloud, including archived, trash and items that reside in folders.  You have to select a folder to search in, and if you misplaced something in a folder you created, you would have to search all of them individually to find it.  The bottom line is that an email you place in a created folder does not show up in the archive folder.

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    I have the same problem! And another thing I noticed was that it's missing a "Flagged" folder with flagged messages.

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    Well, I can't search anything on iCloud. No matter if it's Subject, Sent, or whatever it hangs on a loading screen. Search mail on my iCloud mail has been broken for me since I was forced to switch from MobileMe. That goes for the desktop browser, iPhone and iPad app. Search simply does not work. I'm seriously thinking of switching to Google Mai. Yuck!

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    I was having the same problem... then I realized the easiest way to search was to do in on my iPhone.  Go to any home screen and swipe down... type in a keyword and it will show you all the e-mails.  You have to make sure e-mails are part of the spotlight search (done in settings) but I think e-mail is included by default so unless you turned it off you should be fine.  Hope that helps.

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    You can select multiple folders in the left side bar. The search bar will then search all mail in the folders that are selected.


    You can select all of your icloud folders easily by cliking the top folder to select it, and then scrolling down to the bottom folder, holding down the shift key, and then clicking on the bottom folder. You can also add or subtract folders to the selection by holding down the command key and clicking one folder at a time.

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    Thx Rex... but this doesn't work in my Chrome browser on my P(of)C [piece of chit]. 

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    Hi Rex

    I have icloud mail open on my Macbook Pro in Safari but I don't seem to be able to select all the folders.

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    I'm running chrome on windows 8.  I had to download Version 36.0.1941.0 dev-m.  I got it here...  http://www.techspot.com/downloads/5070-google-chrome-for-windows.html


    Now iCloud works like a charm again.