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I purposely bought the 64GB version of the new iPhone 4s so that I could also use it as an iPod. First off-I can't edit any of the music's information or cover art once it's in the phone. Half of the albums that I synched just speed through song after song without making a sound. The other half won't even go to the song when you touch the title.


My biggest beef? In quite a few albums, I can't put most of the files on it. It just won't do it. For example, I dragged a Mariah album to my iPhone. It synched up 4 songs out of 12. No matter what I do, it just refuses to take certain songs, and in most cases-entire albums.


I tried to put a Britney album on there, and it just point blank refused to play the right song. It would play Toxic for the title of Breathe On Me. It doesn't do this on iTunes. Just on the iPhone. I finally got it to sound right once I dragged each...song..over..and..over...and..over...


I spent the last DAY-that's right, DAY-trying to get all the correct artwork and titles and songs, and I've only finished up to the C's.


Please help me. I can't afford to waste this type of money for a subpar product. I've never had this type of problems with my iPod.

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    I've found that once the music files are transfered from iTunes music library to the device, you lose a greater ability to edit the properties or add artwork to the mp3s if you then try to then.  It's hit or miss and I think it has to do with how the music with what software was used to encode the music files and what format they are in.


    From these experiences, I've made it a habit of doing all the tag/properties edits and artwork adds in iTunes music library first, then move them over to the phone as the final copies.

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    Do all the editing on the computer, from my stand point (and most people's) this is where it makes logical sense to edit the media.


    Then sync the media via playlists to the device.

    Sometimes, although very rarely, sync acts weird and a reset of the device or re-sync is required to clear things up.  When you say "speeding through songs" do you mean they are playing really fast, like 2x speed?  There is a setting on the screen for 2x speed in the upper right hand corner.