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I wish to get some advice and to clarify my confusion over iCloud service.


I recently upgrade my iPhone 4 to iOS5.0. During the upgrade I set up iCloud on my phone (because you were prompted and I was keen to trial out this new service upgrade). After that, I logged onto iCloud.com website from my macbook which is running Snow Leopard and logged in using my Apple ID. I can see that iCloud has synced my Calendar and Contacts however after doing some research on Photostream,as it did not appear anywhere, my understanding is that Photostream only appears on my iPhone 4 (as my MB and phone are the only two apple devices I have), and upgraded iPhoto version which mine is too old so there isn't much point using Photostream.


That led to me realising that my Snow Leopard does not suppoe iCloud too? So here's my question:


Even tho I have a device which runs iOS5.0 and enables me to set up iCloud, due to my snow leopard I WILL NOT be able to use iCloud? Even tho I caould log in to the iCloud.com website and managed to see some sync'd data appearing there? Am I correct in thinking I should just forget about iCloud altogether?


Moreover if I do want to delete the data that's on iCloud now, can I? How do I go about it?



Thank you very much for answering a confused newbie!




iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.2
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    If your Mac is not running OS X Lion 10.7.2 it will not have the iCloud system preferences pane and therefore will be unable to utilise iCloud syncing. You can still access the iCloud website through a browser.


    If your computer is capable of running Snow Leopard it is most likely able to run Lion which is a $30 upgrade. Upgrading is your only option if you wish to sync wirelessly via iCloud.

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    Thanks Julian.



    So what purpose does it serve if I can only access the website of iCloud? None?


    Initially I chose to syn with iCloud, as you would know I didn't see Photostream nor iTunes etc, so where did all that data go? I checked my usage I had uploaded a large amount of data is it all just lost in space?

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    My iPhone 4S stuff (Calendar, Notes, Address) gets backed up to iCloud, which (as a Snow Leopard user) I must access with a browser.


    So what good is it there? I can't download it to anyplace, right?


    I've tried making changes to the browser version of the Calendar, and not only does it not go to my Mac, it also doesn't make it back down to my phone.


    And in reply to Julian: it's not the $30, it's the stuff I've had on my computer(s) for fifteen-plus years in Appleworks and Eudora (and probably some other things) that will be totally inaccessible to me when I switch to Lion.

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    Any cheap old vista machine with Outlook 2007 will be icloud capable , the controlpanel from apple is free for it. It even can do Photostream without photo-software required .


    Might be a solution, because Apple supports 4 year old Windows  better then 2 year old SnowLeopard. On Lion not even Entourage/Outlook for Mac can be used to sync calendars, while on a PC it does..

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    I just enabled Photostream finally in my iPHone 4S with iOS 5 so that I could more easily acces the photos to work on them on my MBP running Snow Leopard.  I upgraded iPhoto.  There is no where in iPhoto that mentions iCloud or Photostream....only MobileMe which is defunct.  Signing into iCloud via the web browser doesn't give me any link to my photos.  Where are they? Does the discussion on this page mean that unless we "upgrade" to Lion we can't even find our photos that are stored in iCloud from our phones?  Yes, I could go to Lion.  Not gonna do it.   I like my old software and don't have any need for the fancy features of Lion, etc.  What I have works fine...except for this unexplainable inablility to access my own data on my own account in iCloud.  What a waste of money that service is. 

    I might as well turn off Photostream on the phone and save the data that is used to upload all those photos.

    If anyone knows how to make it work on Snow Leopard, I'd love to try it.



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    You won't be able to enable PhotoStream on Snow Leopard. The only thing you can do reliably is set Mail up manually to access your iCloud email:


    Entering iCloud email settings manually in Snow Leopard or Leopard


    Some people have been able to set up calendar syncing by using the method detailed here - this is an unsupported hack and may not be reliable, and may stop working at some future point. No other iCloud facilities will work.