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  • sonictonic Level 1 (0 points)

    I too started having this problem [I think] right after migrating my paid MobileMe account to iCloud. It was right before upgrading to 5.1 I believe so this has to be the culprit... in my case anyway.


    I used the Feedback link mricci provided above... and I hope all of you guys do too. Apple needs to get this fixed. YESTERDAY.

  • Vampire72 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello All! after doing some testing, the temporary fix I found that the issue with push email in my iphone 4, running IOS 5.1 is that whan you let mail app running in the backgroud the app will stop receiving email and prevent email to be pushed, if you check your email, and right after exit mail you close the mail app in the backgroud push seem to work fine (have tested it for about one week) hope this helps in the meanwhile...



  • paul-sweden Level 1 (0 points)

    Installed 5.1, Push seems to be broken

    think it has something to do with me changing networks


    different WiFi at home and work and 3G between,


    If I check for new mail manually and then close the app then it seems that Push works for a while..

    have I not checked it for hours then it's dead again..



    Hope Apple is working on it,


    been thinking about removing my iCloud account and adding it again, not sure though what I should do with the contacts, deliete them and add them when I add iCloud or keep them and risk to get double set of all my contacts.


    Regards from Sweden

  • ProtonVehiCROSS Level 1 (0 points)

    It may have to do with changing networks, but the root cause seems to me to definitely be something in iCloud servers -- but only for certain iCloud accounts, not others. Incidentally, the push email failure only happens with my iPhone, not my iPad (which is WiFi only) so I do agree that it may have something to do with switching networks -- and that's something mainly iPhones do (or iPads that had a SIM card).


    On the subject of switching networks, most people don't realise this, but iPhones constantly changing networks even when you're at home on WiFi. Even with WiFi present, when the iPhone is locked, it will shortly drop the WiFi connection and resort to a "long pull" ping over 3G to continue push process (at least, that's my understanding). So the network switching can happen whenever you lock your iPhone. The exception being if there is a background Internet task/connection going on over WiFi, then the phone will wait before it drops the WiFi connection. This is the behaviour I see with all the iPhones I've owned. You'll notice this especially if you join a paid wifi network at a hotel; when unlocking your phone, the paid wifi network takes 2-10 seconds to re-accept your Safari cookie, and you may see this pop-up exchange take place briefly before wifi resumes. That's because your iPhone dropped the WiFi and switched to 3G or EDGE for push emails while it was locked.


    I migrated three MobileMe accounts to iCloud and two of the three have push problems intermittently (usually one or more times per day). The third account pushes fine. I do believe that there are unseen "dirty database" conditions that pre-existed in some MobileMe or .Mac accounts. These few semi-corrupted accounts came over to iCloud and became problematic inside iCloud.


    That's my theory because I work in databases and see companies with weird data quality issues like this all the time. It is entirely conceivable that some accounts may exist in different .mac/MobileMe/iCloud database schemas with different data quality conditions applied to them; hence one user would see one behaviour whilst another experiences something altogether different.


    Part of what leads me to believe in semi-corrupted accounts is a small mountain of evidence that piled up for me during the .Mac to MobileMe migration. In that case, there were a few peculiarities attached to my account that a fresh MobileMe account didn't have: things like old folder structures and files, and of course, the .Mac email still working. Also, under MobileMe, we have weird things happen with some of our family's sub-accounts where Game Center got disabled and another account was not able to set up a credit card until we added or deleted it that account -- literally, had to delete the MobileMe account and re-create it from scratch. Only then would it accept a credit card to be associated with its iTunes store purchases. Overall, my impression is that not all MobileMe and .Mac accounts were created equally, and that there were certainly dirty data conditions inconsistently present with each of my family's own three accounts. So it does not surprise me in the least that 2 of the 3 accounts have problems with push email while the third account appears fine (even though that account inexplicably lost access to log into Game Center a year ago).


    Anyway, long post, but just venting some thoughts and clues about this, waiting in baited-breath hope that an Apple iCloud engineer might read this and have an "ah ha!" moment where the root cause can be unraveled for those of us with this push problem. It's disappointing because push email was so excellent for MobileMe, but such utter rubbish for iCloud.

  • Impaler80s Level 2 (290 points)

    Great post!  I think you probably have nailed what could be some of the problems.  I know for me, I have an account from pre-MobileMe, and never really thought, honestly, about problems with email until MobileMe, and the advent of Gmail.  I have come to expect damned near 100% uptime with email...and Gmail has always given me that.  At least when Gmail would go down, Google would explain, acknowledge it, and fix it.  Apple is just not good at the Internet services piece.  They just suck at it.  And they don't do change well.  There is no change management, and I don't believe they test in house first.  Apple employees should all be using iCloud I'm not sure if they do or not, but it would force the issue inside the company.


    I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for a Apple engineer to browse the forums and magically find the solution.  They just don't take it seriously enough.

  • jimmypowder Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes this seems to be the case. If so, it's a major apple bug . I switched ,regrettably,to a iCloud email account

    Because I thought it would seamlessly integrate with apple products. Sadly,it is awful right now. I switched from

    Yahoo because some of my emails that I saved we're mysteriously disappearing.My wife had the same issue with Yahoo.


    Gmail doesn't seem to push without using exchange but I may go back to gmail ,it seemed more reliable then iCloud ,

    Which is incredibly unreliable.

  • ACC7 Level 1 (0 points)

    I updated to 5.1 a few days ago, and for three (3) whole days, my phone worked perfectly - the way it used to work on MobileMe.  Unfortunately, it stopped pushing again. 


    Forgive my lack of technology terminology but what I noticed after the migration to iCloud, is that my phone seems sluggish when going between WiFi and 3G.  The "little flower" that rotates, is constantly rotating - it seems like my phone is always trying hard to do one or the other, and subsequently does not push mail.


    During the 3 days that the phone worked, the switch from one to the other was super-quick and seamless, with emails pushing efficiently. 


    I've been working with an Apple tech, and he had me install a diagnostic on the phone to record my phone logs. However, in trying to take the next step to getting the logs to Apple, the information the tech said would be on my phone, is not there, so I'm waiting to hear back from him. 


    They have asked me to record my logs because about 2 weeks ago, they were able to re-create the issue.  But then they back-tracked and said they "switched networks" and were NOT able to re-create the issue.  Hmmmm, sounds odd, no?  They initially said that it was my device, but they've swaped it out 2-3 times, so clearly it's not the device.


    I've been politely pushing them to continue testing, so I'll keep you all posted as I continue to learn more clues. 


    Keep the information, thoughts and clues coming.  It really helps me to learn, and also, helps me to communicate with my tech.  Sometimes he tries to brush me off with fancy tech-talk, but because of all of you, I am able to hold my ground with him.  Thank you!

  • jimmypowder Level 1 (0 points)

    It's a iCloud bug,plain and simple .


    Apple iCloud= FAIL !

  • kinglogan420 Level 1 (0 points)

    Also having the same problem... works fine on OSX lion... not working after upgrading to 5.1....


    I have tried restarting, deleting and re-adding and keeping mail running in the background still not pushing...


    Apple please hurry and fix this.

  • ELFF Level 1 (0 points)

    One other thing I noticed - has anyone else seen this?


    I've been running the mail app from iCloud on Google Chrome, in parallel with my mail on Outlook. My intention was to switch over, at some point to viewing my mail via Cloud/Chrome on  my desktop and leave Outlook altogether. However, I noticed that, having worked fine at first (last 3-4 days), since today, the push doesn't appear to work with the web mail version of iCloud, either. Before, any new mail automatically updated on the browser window. Now, I have to manually refresh the inbox, before the new mail shows.


    Oddly enough, push to Outlook continues to work fine. So the only way I'm notified of new mail is the audible alert I get from Outlook that's running in the background! I then have to refresh the mail browser, to get the new mail via Cloud/Chrome.


    I also noticed that notifications to my iPhone4 stopped overnight and I had to restart my phone to get these working again (for now). I updated to iOS5.1 just a day or so ago. Until then, under 5.0 I had no problems with notifications for several months, either over any celluar or a variety of WiFi networks, including several in different countries.

  • paul-sweden Level 1 (0 points)

    Lets hope they slove it soon.


    Apple, hope you hear us!

  • Enryx Level 1 (0 points)


    I've got some good news to all of you.

    I wrote two weeks ago and only after two days I was keep in touch with a kindly Apple Support woman.

    She thanks me to talk about Push Mail iCloud issues in this Forum, also she said they know about this trouble and she asked me if I called Apple Italian Support. I said no, so she said that I will be called back from an Expert to solve Push Mail issues.

    And that's it... After two days an Expert called me and together we change configuration non my iPhone 4S.


    Now, PUSH MAIL WORKS !!!



    I suggest everybody to extend iPhone Warranty with Apple Care Protection Plan.



    Call Support.



    If you can't, try this:


    Have only one mail account, it's an account.

    Disable "Push" - "Mail, Contacts... / Download new data" and choose "Manual"

    Disable "Push" - "Mail, Contacts... / Download new data / Advanced / iCloud (name of the service you give) / choose Manual







    Reset the device, press "Home" and "Up right button" together.



    Enable Mail Notifications



    Enable "Push" iCloud Service again.




    Now, my iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 works well with Push.



    (Thanks to Itlaly Apple Support)


    <Edited by Host>

  • Impaler80s Level 2 (290 points)

    Well, that's interesting.  Nothing unusual that I think most folks haven't tried.  I know I have turned off push and re-enabled it.  Each morning, though, when WiFi goes to "sleep" along with me, nothing is going on.  It's not pushed new emails.  In the morning, it shows all as unread until I open the mail app.  It's like once it goes off WiFi and is charging at night, it goes into fetch mode.


    I'll be interested if it's still working for you flawlessly in a week.

  • FYIJames Level 1 (0 points)

    Decided to make the move from Gmail to iCloud last week, and I am massively disappointed.


    I am experiencing sync issues with mail, calendars, reminders, contacts, bookmarks, and photostream!


    I expected a seamless user experience (as advertised), instead I get a clunky, intermittent, and unreliable service.


    There are no fixes for these issues, believe me I've tried many suggestions, and it's just a complete waste of time.


    All we can do is hope that Apple realises this is a huge issue, and makes it their priority to fix the problems as soon as possible.

  • UKMackid Level 1 (0 points)

    I've never had a problem with push email or iCloud until now.

    I signed into iCloud on my new iPad and suddenly push has stopped working on all my devices.

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