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  • stuart thomas Level 1 (15 points)

    Nick, I can't believe ANY of the media, inluding tech blogs have not picked up on this already! Many, including myself, have had this issue since last October! Although I do not work in IT, I consider myself quite tech savvy - I have been a member since the start and haven't had any major issues with Apple until this iCloud/Push ie Push worked flawlessly prior to iCloud! And even on the same phone!


    With iCloud I have lost or about to lose some really usefull tools:

    1. Ability to use iWeb to maintain website including domain name hosting

    2. Use of gallery and its japp

    3. iDisk storage for anything 'other' than Pages, Numbers, Keynote docs and the iDisk app

    4. Ability to share links to download 'other' files from iDisk


    5. Email Push


    So from this point of view,  it's been a pretty disastrous move forward, I think!

  • Harris Edmonton Level 1 (0 points)

    Solution? Finally, seem to have it working after months of no push on iphone after upgrading from MobileMe to iCloud despite many attempts. Followed advice of earlier post in large part.


    I went to settings and "Mail, Contacts, Calendar" and under "Fetch new data" moved from "Push" to "Fetch" and switched "Push" button to off. I then went to Advanced and iCloud and then also changed from "Push" to "Fetch". I then switched the phone off and restarted from scratch. After restart I went back to settings and changed everything back to Push and it works !!


    Has been 24 hours so far, so fingers crossed. I will update if changes back to not working

  • Nick Page Level 1 (85 points)

    Stuart ~ total empathy from me chum Apple want me to ditch my beloved 9 year old G4 running Leopard (with no issues whatsoever) and buy a new iMac running Lion (complete with Trojan, no doubt) just to keep up with technology and move to iCloud !! And I have to do it before the end of June because, as we all know, that is the cut off date for MobileMe. It's all pants IMO !


    Anyway I digress. It's pretty obvious all of us DIY geeks here on the Communities Boards don't have definitive answers but speculative comments that might, at best, give short term fixes to push our mail.


    Meanwhile my 4S is now pushing my emails ~ how come ? ~ I dropped it


    Mind you, taking the positives out of this iCloud business, having no more emails means I can get some real work done. I like that

  • Giovanni Level 1 (130 points)

    go to the press.;  This is absurd and a clear bug in the system.  I had not had a similar huge problem before with push since its introduction for the iPhone ... until I switched to iCloud.  Disaster.


    Resetting the account info only works for a few minutes or so .... it just gives the illusion that push is successfully restored.


    This is a crime.

  • Rusty143 Level 1 (0 points)

    I tried your solution, but it doesn't work for my iPhone 3GS and iPad too. Emails from my subfolders doesn't give me push notification for On my gmail it works fine.

  • ohneSchatten Level 1 (35 points)

    Hello.  Reporting that Push is back to "normal" for me.  Normal meaning on Fetch mode.  I've had zero push activity on my device (iPhone 4, 5.1) during the past 3 or 4 days, maybe 5.   What's up?  Or, rather, down?

  • ohneSchatten Level 1 (35 points)

    Hey folks, while on a walk this morning and while on 3G, I accidentally dropped my device flat on the pavement.  And as if by magic, lo and behold, Push is back now.   We may have found a fix for our woes.


    Think I better start looking for an Intellectual Property/Patents attorney.


    ( ~ ;

  • paul-sweden Level 1 (0 points)


    I might try this right now. :)

  • Pinaboy Level 1 (0 points)

    I have stayed away from this thread for a few weeks now, due to the fact that all of my devices were Pushing and working well.


    But in the last week, it all went to heck! Push is back to its old tricks and emails are only coming in sparatically or if I physically check mail.


    Paul's last email was sent at 10:25am according to the log. I received it after checking email manually at 11:16am.


    I still cannot believe that I have not seen word of this on Gizmodo, CNN, Msnbc, or any other geek online magazine.


    Apple has completely dropped the ball IMHO.


    I guess it's back to closing the email app after use to get things working again.


    Color me frustrated!!!

  • Dellski Level 1 (0 points)

    I'll second the theory on it's a problem with iCloud push mail with iPhone only. I've strugged too with sporadic at best performance of the push on my 4S since migration from MobileMe to iCloud and have lost count now how many times I've tried removing/adding the account, turning push and notitications off, restarting, on WiFi, on 3G, and every combination of hopeful fixes. Always the same, works initially then stops pushing unless accessing the mail app and messages then turn up - at once. Occasionaly deciding to push considerable time later. Sometimes not at all.


    Now have a 3rd gen iPad and using exact same iCloud account and configuration, push works perfectly. Have both in front of me now. Both on O2 (UK) 3G, sending 5 test emails from my work account. Observe iPad get pushed to more or less immediately as I send. iPhone gets pushed for the first test email then nothing for 10 min wait. Then opened mail app and the test mails appeared at once.


    I'd really hoped that the 5.1 update would have solved the problem, but it's very much there.


    Ah well, OS6 maybe ...

  • carrickp Level 1 (0 points)

    Hypothesis: Try turning OFF wi-fi. Seems to be working for me. I hope others will experiment.

  • Pinaboy Level 1 (0 points)

    Will not be much help to WiFi only iPad owners. This is not a Wifi issue, it is a server or IMHO a Mail App issue. If I exit the Mail app completely each time I use it, the push works just fine. As soon as the Mail app looses focus, push stops working.

  • TimtheRockstar Level 1 (0 points)

    I have been quiet but am still monitoring.


    I just wanted to summarize:


    • Push stops working for no real identifiable reason
    • It could work for hours or days, no identifiable time
    • It fails on Multiple Servers (platforms)
    • It fails on Multiple Providers (iCloud, Google Apps for Domains, Gmail, Corporate Exchange Servers 2007 and 2010)
    • This eliminates issues with "server capaticy" since it is across multiple providers
    • It fails on WIFI and Cellular with no identifiable reason for starting/stoping
    • DNS Changes have not reliable solved the problem


    The common denoninators are iOS 5.x and PUSH.


    • Push works on Google Apps for Domain, Gmail, Corporate Exchange Servers 2007, 2010 on other devices, thus this rules out the provider
    • Push works (worked) on iOS 4.x, thus rules out providers


    All indications point to iOS.


    There still is the interesting point of Apple and the EU having a


    So this is a clue that Apple can disable the push. How to they designate phones in the EU/Germany and others around the world? That would be very difficult, especially if it was a WIFI only device.


    Apple fails to even discuss the problem. Total Fail.

  • dnair Level 1 (0 points)

    Solution found= GOOGLE DRIVE!


    Seriously, same 5gb free but 25gb for 2.50 per month. ios version coming soon. If it works well, we all have an option other than this icloud garbage!


    I'm gonna register for google drive and check reliability.


    BTW, icloud mail failure(s) going on seven months now. Apple admitted they dont know what's wrong! But they will keep investigating!



  • PaulSunday Level 1 (0 points)

    Can confirm TimTheRockstar detailed post. Same experience for me also. Think about the manpower wasted addressing this problem across the large user base.

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