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  • dnair Level 1 Level 1

    to Nick Page,


    I dont know what to say about your testing. I can only hypothesize. what about your battery life, with push on? does it not seem pretty good, compared to when mobileme was running push on?


    I also notice that push generally fails at certain times of day, for me????


    I'm prolly just going insane overanalysing this fiasco that DOESNT JUST WORK!

  • andrewita Level 1 Level 1

    Try this, it worked for me:


    1. Go to "SETTING" > "MAIL, CONTACTS, CALENDAR" > "NEW DATA" > turn "PUSH" slider OFF
    3. Go to "SETTING" > "ICLOUD" and turn OFF "MAIL" Slider
    4. RESTART iPhone
    5. Go to "SETTING" > "MAIL, CONTACTS, CALENDAR" > "NEW DATA" > turn "PUSH" slider ON
    7. Go to "SETTING" > "ICLOUD" and turn ON "MAIL" Slider
  • redrabbit33 Level 1 Level 1

    andrewita: Your fix totally worked for me too. Thanks for that!

  • edward.f Level 1 Level 1

    Hope it will be fixed soon.

  • FelixGarcia Level 4 Level 4

    What do you mean by "reset"? I tried your method and nothing, I did notice if I delete from the iPhone it deletes instantly from the desktop but not the other way around.

  • Traket Level 1 Level 1

    For me this latest fix also worked, but only for a couple of hours. Now I'm back to fetch again. Problem definitely started on or around May 24th and has been ongoing since. No other fixes worked except one time when after erasing the iCloud account, my iPhone picked address instead of ( was also resurrected right after the switch to iCloud months ago and would not go away for a couple of weeks no matter how many times I reinstalled iCloud using the credentials). Push worked well but since I don't use anymore I erased the iCloud account and reinstalled but the problem with push returned.

  • FelixGarcia Level 4 Level 4

    Mine has always used the .mac for the account info, mine does push but I can not seem to get the folders to sync between the iPhone/iPad and the Mac.

  • weber.81 Level 1 Level 1

    The push I have with GMail (using Exchange protocol in iPhone Mail app) works flawlessly and has worked flawlessly with multiple accounts.  However, with my iCloud account, I usually get the mails and notifications, but doing anything on my computer does not update my iPhone.  I have to manually go into the Mail app on the iPhone, even if it's not into the iCloud account directly (like into All Inboxes) and then it will update from what I have done on the computer (either deleting or reading the email).  It appears the push email functionality that Apple built isn't working as planned, but the Exchange Active Sync that they built into the iPhone does work flawlessly.  As a person that despises Microsoft products, I hate to say this, but... maybe they should investigate how M$ has done their push engine on the server side and visit the Active Sync to make sure it does similar for iCloud on the client (phone/iPad) side.  Otherwise, this is just terrible.


    What happened to Apple's slogan of "It Just Works?"  Clearly, it does not!

  • Nick Page Level 1 Level 1

    My email addy on both my 4S and iMac have been in troubleshooting mode via AppleCare for a number of weeks now ~ and still my push only works intermittently.


    Apple supplied me with a utility download so they could look at my log files and i've had to submit various info including my version of 5.1.1 (9B206) on my 4S and Lion 10.7.4 (11E53) on my iMac.


    The engineers confirmed that there is nothing wrong with my mac account and at the same time acknowledged that the iCloud servers are having many issues ~ push mail being the most problematic.


    I've managed to do a fair amount of desk thumping and am now being handled by a senior manager at Apple (rather than a AppleCare rep based in a Greek call centre ~ no kidding !!).


    The latest fiasco to this saga is that I have an appointment with a 'Genius' who will carry out a test on another iPhone using my account details and the troubleshooting password to try and establish (or eliminate) whether it is an issue with my iPhone. Of course this opens up all sorts of questions including "are there a batch of faulty iPhone's on the market that cannot do push".


    At the moment I'm going with the flow but a mention that push on gmail using the microsoft exchange server works flawlessly drew palpable silence from Apple reps (thx weber.81 for that   )


    My money is still on migration issues from MobileMe to iCloud so with a week to go when MobileMe becomes extinct I hope to see some improvement.


    I'll keep you posted .......



  • ACC7 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Nick,


    Everything you have described in your update is what Apple has had me do.  And, just FYI, they swapped my phone out on 3 different occassions (3 different Apple stores across Los Angeles), and each phone had the same issue - so, it's not the phone.  It's iCloud, plain and simple...  let's see how it goes next week. 

  • Nick Page Level 1 Level 1

    Hi ACC7


    Many thx for your reply. Would you be able to supply me with a case number so I could use it as a term of reference when dealing with Apple / AppleCare ? I like to bombard them with evidence from other customers !



  • ACC7 Level 1 Level 1



    In all honesty, they have given me so many different numbers over the past 7 months, that I don't even know what the correct number is anymore.  Sorry.

  • FrostyPhD Level 1 Level 1

    I just moved my .me to iCloud this past Thursday (6/28). Push was erratic from the onset. Worked well for a while then stopped, then it would work again, then stopped, etc.. I read over a series of threads here and the answer was simple......


    .....move to Gmail. Now push works great and there has not been a single issue.


    I wont move back to iCloud until I read the issue is resolved.

  • TimtheRockstar Level 1 Level 1

    There continues to be chatter on this being only iClouds.


    What I have found is *if* iCloud is configured on the device, AT ALL, even for "Find my Iphone" push stops working.


    This is the case across Google Mail for Apps (Domains), Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010.


    I never had or checked e-mail at mobileme or iclouds, but if the icloud was configured, push stopped.


    I have succesfully had push working on both the iphone and ipad (gen1) since deleting the icloud account months ago. So long ago, that I didnt even go look at my last post. It was on or around page 12 or so.


    The issue is not with any specific piece of hardware, new, old, as it happens on 3GS, 4, 4S. It is common to 5.x.


    It seems that since Apple users have little troubleshooting skils (save maybe 5 people on this thread) and since the product should "just work", when it does not, no one has a clue how to troubleshoot anything.


    Am I saying most idevice users are idiots? No, but most are not technicallly advanced enough to do a beta test on a product and isolate the issues based on changes.


    There is no hope to getting iCloud fixed unless Apple actually comes to the conclusion that there is a problem, which they have not. This is indicated by the dipsh*t genius bar tards, as well as the upper levels of Apple that have installed loggers on more than one device to test. All with silence and no real input.


    I have to say, I was no fan of Job's and far from a fanboi, but at least when Jobs was at the helm this kinda nonsense was not happening.


    My suggestion is to just garbage can iCloud mail, since if you had a mobile me account, you had to change anyway, if you have to change e-mail, why not change to a service that is free and works. Gmail is that solution, and if you have a domain, and want to run up to 10 users on it for free, Google is still the option with Google Apps for Domains (or whatever the latest name is). These services "just work", and Gmail has not had an outage since Dec of 2007.


    At one time an account might have been cool, but now it is about a useless as when was giving away accounts, since they are dead.


    The best part of gmail, is in it's lifetime the domain has never changed.

  • Nick Page Level 1 Level 1

    Today Apple concluded that I did'nt require a new replacement 4S because after numerous diagnostic checks, a study of my log files and a complete check of my .Mac account the problem clearly lay with iCloud.


    There is no doubt that iCloud has plenty of bugs and I've been assured that Apple take very seriously threads like this one. However with MobileMe now extinct we should start to see some improvements, for example, iCloud servers will become more powerful, flexible and the spam filter more accurate.


    And with the release of iOS 6 in the autumn any push issues should and will diminish.


    So as a loyal Apple customer I'll be patient a little longer and just cope with the intermittent issues.


    As for Gmail and in reply to comments above ~ by design, it does'nt deliver all of a user's email. And don't forget the catalogue of outages, the last being in April this year when it affected 5.25 million users ! And who likes contextual advertising ~ yuk !!!

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