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  • pedropedro Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    In my opinion you answered your own question. It is with the settings that ICloud has set for your original account. There is a glitch somewhere in the chain that pushes to the IPhone but not to an IPad or computer. It appears to only happen to certain accounts and random situations. I believe this is why it is so difficult to correct. I imagine if ICloud would allow one to completely remove an account and then allow one to resign up for a new account YET retain the original email address that the issue might be resolved as per your example of getting a new ICloud account. I have used my original Apple email address since the beginning of Apple email. There is no way I could reach out to the countless individuals who have my email and let them know its changed. It is also associated with my business contacts. So I'm basically stuck with this. At least the email works and that is really all we can hope for.  The push thing is purely a convenience.

  • _smg Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    The push thing is not purely a convenience, is a feature you pay for when you buy an apple product because they  advertise iCloud as a push service as a selling point for their products.


    My push is not working on iPad or iPhone, despite many removals and re-additions of the accounts on both devices, and lord knows how many restarts.

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    Well, I'm happy to report that after a call from Apple engineering this morning they were able to resolve the issue with my iCloud account and it's now pushing.  Unfortunately, I don't know what the root cause or solution was.  It's probably a one-off fix for my account but I can say that if you contact support and are persistent, they will eventually be able to resolve it. 


    For me, I have been working with Apple since I contacted them 2/19/13 to resolve this.  That's way too long but maybe if enough people call in to report this problem and are insistent about getting it fixed they will be forced to identify a more wide-spread solution for this common problem. 


    Good luck.

  • _smg Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Great news, David.


    I scheduled a call for tomorrow morning to do my part.  Will keep this thread updated. 

  • _smg Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    After a couple of hours on the phone, they've placed my iCloud account into a troubleshooting mode for the Engineering team, and will get back to me in a couple of days with an update.

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    please, which phone number did you use?

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    I heard back from them yesterday, the have escalated the issue further and are spending even more time and resources to fix it, although there still hasn't been a resolution.


    The route I took was to schedule a call from apple here:



    I did purchase an iPad recently which comes with phone support for a period of time after purchase, so that may have helped.

  • David Sica Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Unfortunately, I have to report that as of yesterday my email stopped pushing again after working for about a week.  So, it's back to Apple engineering to try and find the root cause again.  I just hope it's not another 6 weeks to fix again.  Will update the thread when more info available.

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    yet another example that the problem exists with the Cloud and not the device - good luck to you

  • David Sica Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Oh, there's no doubt the problem is with something iCloud backend.  This problem exists on any iOS device I setup my iCloud account with and I've tested on many devices including Apple employee devices.

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    I have been having the PUSH issue on my iPhone for a few weeks now. I spent the 1st few days, hoping it was a minor outage. Spent the time between then and now, formatting my phone, getting a placement, setting up a new home WIFI network, new SIM card from Bell and still having the issue. My case has now been sent to engineering, but from what I am reading, it doesn't sound promising. I am currently only having the issue on my iPhone and not on my iPad. My wife and kids are not having any issues on their iPads or iPods.

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    I have the same issue with my basic icloud account. So i have created the new iCloud mail account on my iPhone, and the new one works with push great. But not my basic.


    So, where can i write for my account support?

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    Is anyone else still experiencing this problem? My iCloud account all of a sudden stopped having push work across all of my iOS devices, and service has not yet been restored.

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    Yes, I've had the same issue for over a month now.


    I've raised the issue with Apple and apprently the Engineers are looking into it but after having provided logs from my devices nearly 3 weeks ago there hasn't been any updates.

  • David Sica Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    I've had the issue for several months with Apple engineers working on it as well.  There was a blip for me earlier this week where it started working again but that only lasted about a day and I'm back in the dark again. 


    I really don't want to but Apple seems to be forcing my hand to move back to Gmail w/the Mailbox iOS app which has push notifications.  Hope it gets resolved soon.