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I'm a relative Bluetooth newbie. I have a PB G4 and an iMac, and I purchased a Metrologic MS9535 Bluetooth Scanner for use with a POS system. It pairs fine with its cradle, which can then communicate via USB with the computer. I should be able to bypass the cradle though, since the computer is BT. I set the prefs as discoverable, and open the setup assistant and choose "any device." I've even gotten it to appear in the devices menu by using an empty passkey, but it still won't communicate. I contacted Metrologic, and they sent me a serial port barcode and one that has the address of the scanner, but these don't seem to work either. Now they tell me to ask Apple, and when I called, they told me it wasn't listed as a supported device.

I thought Bluetooth is a standard! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Powerbook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.4)