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Backed up iPhone and proceeded to install iOS 5.  After installation continuously get error message - "iTunes could not restore iPhone from backup because the backup could not be saved on the computer" or my computer screen freezes up all blurry and have to restart by holding down start button.


Have 70GB disk space left.


Have tried absolutely everything:


- checked permissions

- updated software (iTunes and Windows 7)

- disconnected all other USB devices

- disabled antivirus

- reset Lockdown folder


Tried copying backup folder to another computer but was unable to select restore from backup as the backup was not showing up?


Have lost absolutely all my contacts/photos etc.


If I uninstall and re-install iTunes will I still be able to select my backup or will it delete it?  Too scared to uninstall in case I lose the option of selecting my last backup (I have backed up my backup on an external hard drive).

iPhone 4, Windows 7