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Got my iphone 4s on Friday, hooked it up to my computer on Friday night and managed to sync it perfectly fine. Ever since then my iphone isn't showing up in itunes. It shows up in my computer though. What is going on? Everything is up to date!



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    Take a look at this link, http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1538

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    I have the same issue.  Older Windows box with XP SP3, just updated iTunes to v10.5.  I was able to initially synch the phone, but ever since then nada.  I went through the aforementioned links posted above, re-installed iTunes, updated the driver, disabled avast anti-virus, THEN connected, and still nothing.  This link seems to show Mac users are having the same issues, and it's related specifically to iTunes 10.5.  Hopefully we Windows users will get some kind of solution soon.

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    I had similar issues, sometimes the iPhone showed up correctly after rebooting, but often it didn't. Restarting the Apple Mobile Device Service worked for me (instructions are in the link of earlier post).

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    Hope you didn't tell Windows what to do by default automatically for "iPod Device" as that can interfere.


    Check Devices and Printers, Device Manager, and default actions.


    Services: restart AMS first and then launch iTunes, then connect, usually works but messy.


    Installing 10.5.0 when you had previously had 10.4 and older can also cause trouble for 64-bit Windows, and others. The installer does not remove or uninstall older components some of which were in the wrong directory.

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    Found a fix to mine. With bluetooth. For some reason that I still don't know, the computer didn't detect and install the appropriate device drivers on the first connection to the computer.


    Got mine and my wifes iPhone 4s on Tuesday. Hooked my wifes up to itunes 10.5 first. No problems. Installed drivers properly, charging, syncing fine. I go to hook mine up. Nothing happens! Cant see my phone anywhere on my computer. No charging either.


    Tried everything all the forums say. Apple support and all. It's now Friday, and I'm pulling my hair out. I was just playing around and turned the bluetooth on on my computer and my 4s to see. It paired successfully. The driver on the other hand did not. Right clicked on my phone in the bluetooth device window, went to properties> hardware> properties> driver. Clicked update driver and voila. Successfull driver install after searching the web for it.


    My phone now shows up in iTunes and charges.