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Do you need 2 apple devices for icloud to work?........

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    Instructions for setting up iCloud >  Learn how to set up iCloud on all your devices.

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    Thank Carolyn for the link but I have these instructions done already....everthing is set up but it keeps  telling me account not verified go to your apple email and verify account.... but I don't know where to do this or where to go to get into my apple email.... any other ideas?




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    Apple Watch


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    This is exactly what it says




                                                         ACCOUNT NOT VERIFIED


    Check your email at for instructions to verify this account 

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    Carolyn, I hope you can help me.  Like so many others I'm still waiting for my verification email to even get started on icloud.  I've gotten as far as finally getting my appleid to be my current email address.  My question to you is this- on my iphone4s I also attempted to set up icloud.  I got as far as the verification email on that device too but when I go into settings and open icloud, it searches for verification and just "throws me out" back to my home page.  I tried to hit the red Delete button at the bottom, really to just start over again, but it won't let me delete the account.  And the entire screen is "grayed out" so I can't select anything. 


    Thanks for any help.  I've been on these discussions for two days, reading, and none of the "solutions" are working.  Some people have some really bad advice so I went ahead and wrote directly to you. 


    I'm really afraid of what is going to happen when I actually get set up on icloud.  It seems that once you've broken through there are all kinds of issues on the other side.  I share itunes with my husband and 2 children.  We are all on the same account.  I bet that's going to have it's own issues for sure.  We all have different emails but my husband's email IS the itunes account.  Is that bad?  Oh- and for a laugh- I've had to change my password so many times because the system didn't recognize my birthday or my other security questions.  I'm struggling to remember my own name at this point.  ha!

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    this is exactly what the icloud menu says




                                                                      ACCOUNT NOT VERIFIED


    Check your email for instructions to verify this account

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    If I have this right, you set up your ID for iCloud, then when you try to open the account pref it says email not verified right?  Therefore it wont let you do anything.  To verify your email go to, sign in, and click the send verification email link.  If it does not arrive in your email inbox after a couple of times, head on over to express lane support for mobilme or itunes purchases.  Both of them should be able to get that email sent to you.

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    ALSO MAK, you have to work at Apple to have an email address.  Your icloud account should be set up with a working email address that you have access to.  You can either set up your apple ID with your current email address (and if you have made any purchaes you already have), or set up a new email with when making a new ID.

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    Lee-Anne, your issue is fixable, if you go to support for iCloud, they have access to the systems that can make the verification email go through to your current email inbox.  Once you receive that email and click the "Verify" link in it, your icloud will work on your phone.  The link to the icloud express lane support is here: Get iCloud support via Express Lane.  Follow the steps and you should be able to contact them to get your process figured out (you too Mak, forget mobileme or itunes). 


    Also Lee-Anne, I want to say that iCloud is great, and you should not be afraid of it, apple has worked tirelessly to make sure that this is a great service for its customers.  With that said we need to prepare ourselves for using iCloud properly--If you all use the same apple ID for purchases, DO NOT use that as your iCloud account (or if you want to use it, kick them off and have them create their own iCloud accounts).  If it you all are using the Apple ID that happens to be your only current working email address, then you won't be able to use that as your iCloud (or again kick them off and have them create their own iCloud accounts). If that is the case, create a new appleID with a working email address, or create one with a option so you have another working email address.  Once everyone has different iCloud accounts, then you all can go into the devices, and go to Settings-->Store, log out of the iCloud ID, and log in with the working apple ID that has all the app purchases.  This will enable to get apps back onto the devices and make purchases to that account. 


    Now, they all should start making purchases under their icloud account (by signing out and signing back in the store with their iCloud), but this will at least let them get the apps from your apple ID.  The reason everyone has to have different iCloud accounts is because if eveyone logs into their devices with the same iCloud apple id, you are going to have 3 different people's information squished into one account, and you will not be able to easily separate them back out,


    Happy Clouding

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    Thank you so much but I'm still in the same place regarding my icloud account setup.  I just spent an hour on the phone with an Apple rep.  He couldn't help.  He just wanted me to reset my new iphone.  I know I'm not the only one with this problem.  He says I'll hopefully get that verification email soon.  I have a call from Apple setup for tomorrow but frankly these boards have always been so much better at solving issues than actual Apple reps.  So, I guess I'll wait.  Oh, and the rep sent a follow up email regarding my scheduled call tomorrow to my husband's email- our itunes id.  Great. 


    Thank you again for your response.  But it seems no one can send me that email to allow me to verify my email.  Ha!  This is just the way it goes I guess. 

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    ok- so here is my problem.  my apple id is an old email that i no longer have access to.  trying to set up icloud on the iphone 4 and it wants to verify my icloud account using that address.  but i don't have access to that account any more.

    went in to create a new icloud account using my current email address and apple says that it is taken.  i think "well, maybe i opened another account several years ago using my newer account."  responded to the send me my password prompt and it sent me my password.  i changed it to something i could remember and went in to settings to to make sure the stuff was up to date and it is someone else's information.  what the heck am i going to do now?

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    I set up a address.  Everything set up fine but I'm having an issue with my icloud backup.  It says it's backing up but at the very bottom under last backup it says NEVER.  When I go into "manage storage", it shows a picture of my iphone- backed up- and then it says right underneath "lastest backup- never".


    What do you think?  It seems that having a new Apple Id only helped for awhile.  I wonder if the original problem with my email verification is still hanging around...  


    Also, the apple support people never know or have heard about the issues on these discussion boards.  I thought some of those people actually read this stuff and answered questions.  They ought to close down the support team and move those "experts" over here. 

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    Backing up can take a while, I recommend trying right before you go to bed, plug into power, connect to wifi, go the storage and backup page in icloud and click the "Backup Now" option.  That will begin backup and you will see a progress bar underneath it, it could take a long time to finish, and it if doesnt work mange your backup and take off enough data to make it under 5GB.

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    Hi, try putting in a different email address (use your work email or set up a hotmail one that you can use as a temporary one) when you enter it the verification email will be sent to that email address. Vick on the link in the email to verify. Log out, log back in to your account , then remove the temporary email and put back in your original email address. You probably won't get a verification, no worry, it should stay verified. It worked for me, at least for now!

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