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I just downloaded the new Airport Utility app for the iPhone with the expectation that it would work remotely. However, from what I can tell, I can't do any remote (i.e., outside of my home network) administration via iPhone. Am I missing something?

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    Do you have a MobileMe account? Did you already convert it to an iCloud account? If so, Apple has already announced that remote AirDisk support is no longer available. I believe remote administration (via a MobileMe account) is affected as well.

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    Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it. I don't have a MobileMe account, however I did setup iCloud. I know I can remotely configure my Airport Extreme using the standard desktop Airport Utility (I have a dyndns dynamic address setup). However, I was really hoping to do at least SOME remote router configuration with my phone. I guess I can't =\


    I think it's quite strange Apple doesn't have a way to do this. Every other router on the market has a simple web administration interface that can be used via Safari on the iPhone. Not being able to do this with the Aiport Extreme is a real deal killer for me. Why have an iPhone Airport Utility App that can only be used locally? If I'm at my home or office and I want to configure my router, I'll just jump on a freakin' computer!

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    For those of us who administer many networks, all airport-based, this feature has been critical. I require remote admin via Mac using the airport utility. I can see all network nodes across many networks instantly--without travel. As a nice to have, itd be a huge boon to have this available via the iphone/ipad wifi/3G.


    Also, does anyone know if converting your mobileme account to icloud will affect the current admin via airport utility? I want to convert; but I simply cannot afford to lose the multi-node mgt currently in place via mobileme.


    My forum searches, google, and Apple themselves have not been able to provide this info as yet.

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    Best way i found is to use macbook to acess the hard drive on my airport extreme, and with itunes on macbook, add to library by chossing the files or folders i want from the drive on the airport, and import to itunes. Then take iphone and sync it. once finished viewing or using simply delete it

    Its safely remaining on te hard drive that is connected to airport extreme. Just have to import with itunes which is why my iphone is the 64gb model. watch read play and delete