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Does anyone know what can be done with it?  I've read about jailbroken iPhones using custom gestures to access specific apps instantly (which I think would be awesome, but I can't jailbreak this phone as it's a work phone).  Can iOS5 users assign a custom gesture to open a specific app?  It would be really handy for a flashlight app where you need to access it NOW, versus tapping around and looking for the app.  If you can't do that with Custom Gestures, then what in the world is it for?  I've made a custom gesture, and it says you can access the custom gesture from the "favorites" menu.  But all that does is make the motion for you (which makes sense for apps or games that require you to do some kind of gesture to get a specific result.  If you've only got one finger or something and can't make the gesture) it doesn't let you actually assign that gesture to something.




I would've thought Apple would've thought of this ever since they had touch capabilities.  Seem inherent to me.

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