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My Siri functions fine except that it has no voice.  Did I accidentily change a setting or something?

iOS 5
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    This just happened to me today. Does anyone have anything yet on this? I won't make it to apple until Sat, so I'll update then if nothing else.

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    Make sure in your Siri settings you have "Voice Feedback" set to "Always", and of course make sure your volume is turned up.

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    I figured this one out and it is simple.  (I felt like an idiot)  Siri has a seperate volume control.  Just like Headphones, Ringer, and Speaker have seperate levels but use the same control, Siri has a seperate level too.  Turn on Siri then increase the volume using the controls on the side of the phone. 

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    Oh my God! I can't believe I didn't think of that!


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    Okay well I use my earphones or whatever they are called in the car like a Bluetooth. When I press the home button I used to hear Siri come on now I don't. I only hear the phone call ringing. I can't even hear her read my texts anymore. I have the always on voice feedback set and I have tried changing the volume. Nothing occurred. Siri works fine without the earphones. I just wanna know why she makes no sound NOW with the earphones in fully when it used to work.

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    Just had this same problem.  I had to go into settings, general, and bluetooth - turned off bluetooth to use siri w/o bluetooth.  Now I can hear her!  If you have bluetooth "on" you cannot hear siri unless you use bluetooth.  It works again, yea!