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Okay so for as long as I can remember I sync my iphone 4 using my belkin powered usb hub and all works just fine.  Now, since I have had my iphone 4S, my computer will not recognize the device when using my usb hub.  It works just fine when pluged directly into a usb on the computer itself.  Why does 4 work but 4s does not?  Any tips for me to try?  Says something like unknown device or not recognized in a little popup in my system tray when I connect it.  Thanks.


Win 7 64-bit



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    I found I was able to get around it too in a different way.  I found if you disable the usb hub device in device manager, plug in your iphone or ipad while it is disabled, then enable the usb hub in device manager it works fine.  So I actually ended up writing a little script with an icon on my desktop that I just double click when I connect the iphone and it quickly disables and reenables it for me. I am still not exactly happy with this solution either.