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  • Apple Chemist Level 1 Level 1

    It worked for me!

  • GrahamJStarkey Level 1 Level 1

    It worked for me too.


    My situation was a little different to those mentioned already. I upgraded my and my partners phones to iPhone 5's recentlty. We only have one itunes account for music so have put the same account on both phones. This and the fact that the new sim cards were sent with the wrong phones which we only found out after one of the sim cards were activated in the wrong phone. This meant that my partner was receiveing all of my imessages. All other content was seperate - email, phone calls, mms and texts but imessages were carrierd across to both phones.


    I have sorted as I stated by using the switch off imessage and facetime and then re-activating them again.


    The only thing I need to do is work out if I can have 2 seperate Apple ID's linked to the same itunes account.

  • colettefromny Level 1 Level 1

    Please help I changed my number recently and it says my old number in my iMessage how can I change it manually please help  

  • sadonathan8839 Level 2 Level 2

    Go into settings > message > send and receive

    tap on your apple id and sign out

    turn off imessage

    - turn it back on and then signin again

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    Thanks all! I am the least tech-savvy person, thought I'd have to ask carrier to update my outgoing number in iMessage, but after reading this thread was able to quickly fix on my own (turned off FaceTime & iMessage, then logged out of Apple ID. Logged back into Apple ID, then turned FaceTime & iMessage back on. Voilà, my correct number now appears in both apps :) Oh, & I have an iPhone 5.

    Thanks again!

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    First try "Reset Network Settings."

    Then try 

    I hope the video works for you like it did for me.

  • nmd126 Level 1 Level 1

    For me only changing settings / phone / my number worked, having ported my number in from previous supplier.

  • somegirlnamed_amber Level 1 Level 1

    This worked for me! Changed immediately. Thank you!

  • Jesusadslife Level 1 Level 1

    no problem 

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    Ok I've being reading through this post because I've being having a major problem with my iMessage showing my email and not my number. And I have to say that I e found the 100% guaranteed way to change your iMessage number. I thought that it was be caused I changed my number that iMessage didn't recognise my new sim. But no. The solution is FAR simpler and easier to fix.

    Step 1. Forget everything that you have read on here about changing a setting, or putting your sim into someone else's phone, or twirling round on the spot three times then running through a field backward screaming IM A PURPLE BANANA! Just no!


    Step 2. Go into your contacts, either through the app or the phone. Makes no difference


    Step 3. Look up your business card. You cannot miss it, it will be your full name, be a different colour to the rest of your contacts and have a silhouette on the far right hand side.


    Step 4. Once you found it click on it (don't worry you won't call your self) and then click on edit. Now if you've changed numbers at any point then your old number might still be saved here if it is go straight to step 6. If not then wait till step 7


    Step 6. Delete your old number from your contact card.


    Step 7. With your old number gone from your iPhone compleatly, look for the field that says iPhone. This is where you enter you number. Not in work or home or mobile, (or cell for our American and Canadian friends) only in the iPhone field.


    Step 8. Save.


    And the should be it. Once you've saved it just go to the settings for iMessage and check to see if your iMessage number has being changed. You don't need to turn anything off, you don't need to take your SIM card out. You don't need to change any settings.   Just follow these 8 simple steps and you should be fine.


    Now if you don't have a business card set up and you don't know how to set one up, then I'm sorry but that how to will be a different post entirely.

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    Thank you Chik, for both the iMessage and FaceTime solutions. Worked for me, and ended an evening of frustration with triumphant victory. Wish there was some way I could buy you a beer!


    Your earlier post:


    "I changed my network, and my mobile number recently. Had the old number in my iMessage preferences. All I needed to do, was turn iMessage off. Restart phone. Turn iMessage on. No resetting or restoring. FWIW, I needed to do the same thing in the FaceTime settings."

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    Worked a treat. Thanks

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    like everyone else in this thread, i changed from 1 SIM to another SIM, and could not get iMessage to activate to the new SIM.


    in my case, the new SIM number was being read correctly (and since I am using iPhone 5 there was no way to enter a different one anyway). but it would not actually add the new SIM number and always failed at activation. 

    the old SIM number was also always appearing (greyed) as the number associated with that apple id.


    apple has a a Support Article that says to dissassociate a SIM number with an apple id, you need to force a change by changing the password for that apple id. i did that as well, but still that apple id would not be removed from association with that old SIM number.


    since I travel on business so frequently, I cant wait days or weeks for changed SIM numbers to propogate throughout apple servers and mobile carriers.


    since the basic root cause of the problem is that there is high "stickiness" of a mobile number to an associated apple id, a different solution could be to make sure that each SIM number you use is associated with a unique apple id for that country. each SIM number you have is associated with a different apple id.  so when you change apple id you "should" be getting the number you have associated with it in the past.


    has anyone tried this solution to the problem?



  • Cee Jay708 Level 1 Level 1

    if that didnt work, my girlfriend had the same problem and i fixed it this way:


    goto setting>phone>my number

    and change the number to your new one


    that shld do the trick


    hope it works for you too