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I have a 3GS.  I upgraded to iOS 5 on release day.  I was able to iMessage three of my friends who also upgraded that day.  The following day I switched my service to a Droid that was assigned to me by my work.  Now I am unable to send texts to those 3 friends who I had previously iMessaged with, however I can receive texts from them.  This problem is ongoing now for 4 days.   


I had direct access to one of my friends iPhones so I tried a number of solutions. Using his iPhone 4, I first turned off iMessage then sent some test texts.  Nothing came through.  I kept iMessage off for about 20 minutes to see if this would help, but it didn't. 


Next, still using the iPhone, I deleted my contact out of his address book, then recreated it using a different spelling.  I made sure to put the phone number in the regular spot (not the iPhone number box).  After this, I tried sending texts to the iPhone and still nothing came in.


Note: even though I created a new contact with a different spelling, the iPhone recognized the number.  When I went to compose a text, it said iMessage in the text area. However, after sending a few texts from the iPhone to the Droid, the iPhone repoted "sent as Text Message" then reverted away from iMessage.


Please Help

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    The text message issue has been pretty common in iOS5.  The error on his phone has to do with the iPhone thinking it has too many text messages (not actually possible).  Give it a few days and it should be fixed.

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    imessage only works between ios devices - just like blackberry messenger only works between blackberry's - the advantage of imessage between ios device is theire si no charge from the carrier - although it does use you data plan ( i believe) if you have a limited data plan

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    This my sound silly by trying calling your carrier and telling them you switched to a droid. When I got my iphone from Rogers my text, mms and data would not work becasue my account was configured a certain way because I had a blackberry before.Try that see if it helps

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    I have a similar issue but in reverse. I can send messages but cannot receive messages from my friends who are iPhone users and had upgraded to iOS5. When they send a msg it goes as an iMessage and it doesnt come through and there is no notification that it was delivered. Help please! Thanks

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    I should have probably posted this when I figured it out, but what finally worked was deleting the contact from the iPhone.  I then sent a text message (from the iphone) just to the phone number. So have your friend delete you as a contact and send a text to i.e. 555-555-1212. If it works, then have them re-add you as a contact, using a different spelling to be safe. 

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    Thanks, i tried this but it didnt work. As soon as i type in my mobile number it recognises it as an iMessage. There must be an entry in some database that needs to be deleted, I suspect! All other thoughts welcome.