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I have a 3GS.  I upgraded to iOS 5 on release day.  I was able to iMessage three of my friends who also upgraded that day.  The following day I switched my service to a Droid that was assigned to me by my work.  Now I am unable to send texts to those 3 friends who I had previously iMessaged with, however I can receive texts from them.  This problem is ongoing now for 4 days.   


I had direct access to one of my friends iPhones so I tried a number of solutions. Using his iPhone 4, I first turned off iMessage then sent some test texts.  Nothing came through.  I kept iMessage off for about 20 minutes to see if this would help, but it didn't. 


Next, still using the iPhone, I deleted my contact out of his address book, then recreated it using a different spelling.  I made sure to put the phone number in the regular spot (not the iPhone number box).  After this, I tried sending texts to the iPhone and still nothing came in.


Note: even though I created a new contact with a different spelling, the iPhone recognized the number.  When I went to compose a text, it said iMessage in the text area. However, after sending a few texts from the iPhone to the Droid, the iPhone repoted "sent as Text Message" then reverted away from iMessage.


Please Help

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