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TheTiGuR Level 1 Level 1

OSX 10.6.8

iTunes 10.5

iPhone 4s (iOS5)(does not sync properly)

iPhone 3Gs (iOS4.3.1)(Syncs fine)

iPad 2 (iOS5)(Syncs fine)


There seems to be a few threads out there regarding this, but haven't seen anyone mention if they have some devices that work, some that don't. I have tried varies levels of syncing, restoring from backups, changing iCloud usage or turning it off, etc etc. Regardless of what number of steps it is taking, my 4s is always causing a hang for several minutes at the second to last step (determining tracks to sync). I was having photo problems and hanging on that step (don't recall now, but it was fixed with the delete iphoto database mentioned elsewhere.


Is there a possibility that deleting my iTunes library completely and starting from scratch will fix anything? I certainly would prefer not to, but if it would work, I'd do it. Any other options or drastic measures, or are we all just waiting on Apple? Thanks!

  • helixbc Level 1 Level 1

    Any updates on this?  Anyone?  My 4s is stuck on step 4 of 5.  Determining tracks to Sync. 

  • TheTiGuR Level 1 Level 1

    Through a series of reboots of phone and mac, I was able to get most of my music synced. My two hanging points appear to be photos and audible audiobooks (maybe all audiobooks, but I only have audible). Having gotten to mostly sync, I am not going to rebuild my library since it appears to me that it would not necessarily help. Today I haven't been able to get syncing going again, even with rebooting and various unchecking. Certainly very frustrating, and silly to carry around my 3gs as a glorified iPod while this gets fixed.