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I am using iPhoto '11 9.2 (626). With this new version, I'm getting a strange new (frustrating) behavior. I often use iPhoto to hold the many pics I've taken for surveys I've done for my job, then I export the ones I need to smaller, more size-friendly versions for use in documents and distribution to others across the web. I have to navigate multiple libraries, choosing certain photos, then export them usually to a single directory meanwhile keeping the originals in my iPhoto library. Now, everytime I export a photo, it always defaults to "My Pictures" as the location. I don't mind navigating to the folder I want once each time I launch the program, but even if I leave the app open, it will no longer remember the last directory to which I exported. The previous versions would always default back to the last directory to which I exported.


I've looked through Preferences and found nothing... might there be some sort of hidden preference I can adjust? It may seem like a small deal to one who only occassionally exports, but for me this is a huge time-waster.


If not, is there a way I can downgrade to the previous version?