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    What if you're not able to checked the Photo Stream in the iCloud Control Panel? It's faded...

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    2012-11-10 11-47-49.png

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    This has also happened to me twice. I uninstalled and reinstalled iCloud both times and it fixed the problem both times. I'm not sure what happened the first time it stopped working, but the second time, it stopped syncing after I added 150 photos to one of my "Shared" Albums.


    Note: Repair does not work.

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    Unfortunatly desinstall and reinstall isn't working for me. I did it about five times and my PhotoStream option is still appearing in fade...

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    After you reinstall iCloud, you have to open the control panel again to recheck the Photo Stream box and Apply. Then make sure both computer and device are on wifi and do a forced backup from whatever device you are trying to download from. Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup>Back Up Now

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    I cannot do that because the Photo Stream box appears in fade... it's not available in the control panel. 2012-11-10 11-47-49.png

    Even after desintalling and reinstalling.

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    I have windows vista. When i first installed icloud it worked fine. my husband then got an iphone so i made a new user account on the pc so he could have his own photostream. I found after doing this I had the same problem as you on my original account (can't check photodstream on control panel). So i made a new user account for myself. Our PC now has general (my old user account), Rob and Alex. The general account has the same problem as you, Alex and Rob a degree.


    For you Socacofi making a new user account and activating icloud  on it may work. If it does, and the pics download to a new account, move the pictures to a folder on the public file then you will be able to view them on your usual account.


    I say it works to a degree as I have the following problem with both my and my husbands accounts: The photos won't stream unless i uncheck photostream on the icloud control panel, sign out then sign back in again, reselect and apply. Whrn I just had one icloud they would stream automatically as soon as I had taken a photo. E,g I could walk in the house after taking photos while out and the pics would be in the photostream after 5 mins. I have ensured all the permissions are set to full control for all accounts and have tried resetting the photostream, reinstalling and changing the folder the photos are set to stream too.


    I was told by apple when intially enquiring about having two photostreams that both icloud accounts could be signed in/running at the same time but even if I have one account signed out the other still won't stream properly. It's not the end of the world but its annoying as it previously worked fine.


    I called apple but the guy I spoke to 'Adam' but he didn't really understand what I was saying and said that this is how icloud was supposed to work. He said it would only stream if your phone was in lock mode. I tried to say it won't even stream in lock mode until I sign in and out again (basically refresh it). If I take another photo after getting a batch of pics to stream by this method, I have to sign in and out AGAIN to get the second lot to go over.

    Any clues?

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    just an update. I forgot to mention my uploads and and shared streams are working fine (shared is a download so i cant see how it is a download prob). Also after resetting th ephotostream my husband download stream is working. No such joy with mine, even if i sign him out. Help!

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    @alexshore - I wouldn't get your hopes up. I have had a myriad of problems since the beginning and nothing, repeat NOTHING provides a permanent fix. Yes, many of these techniques provide an apparent initial fix, but I have found none of them are permanent.


    Problems range from upload not working, download not working (or both), apple processes dying after a few seconds, even when started manually or by changing settings in the icloud control panel. That's if the those options are available or work. (at the moment if I click photostream options, absolutley nothing happens, so I can't configure the folders)...  uninstalling, re-installing - yep, that might work for a day or two, but it doesn't last.


    Personally, I've given up. For getting pics from the iphone to the pc quickly and wirelessly, I now just use a shared public photostream and can pull my pics from the web.


    It's plainly obvious from the length of this thread with no resolution from Apple that this is a longstanding and outstanding problem with what is essentially a crock-of-dog-doo.

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    This solved the issue for me!  I am using IOS6 and syncing with Windows 7 - 64 Bit.



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    Hi Mr Nik, thanks for your reply.


    Its strange, but my photostream has started working again without having to manually refresh it (ie log out then in again) so perhaps it was a problem with the aple icloud servers as it worked fine up until 2 weeks ago and is working ok again now.


    I was really impressed with the photostream feature when i first got my phone as having to plug things into the pc to transfer photos was always a pain in the backside. If you ever lost your phone or camera before ypu got round to doing it the pics were gone.


    Another thing that had stopped working was when i deleted photos from the pc photostream folder they wouldn't delete fom the phone. They do now. However, like you say, often these things only temporarily fix the problems so I remain scepyical for the moment! I think Apple don't want to help with windows problems as they want us all to go over to Mac! It suits them for us to blame microsoft.

  • alexshore1982 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    What fixed it? Making a new user account or reinstalling? Glad it working ok for you whatever it was.

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    My iphone was uploading pictures to my PC but the files from the PC were not dowloading to my iphone so I did the following.


    Deleted iCloud on the PC and deleted the Photosteam folders from my PC

    Turned of iCloud on my iphone 4s made sure all options were off.

    IMPORTANT. When installing the dowloaded iCloudSetup.exe on the PC I right clicked the file exe and 'Run as administrator', it then installed.

    Logged into iCloud on computer when installed.

    Turned on iCloud and photostream on iPhone and photos uploaded to computer.

    Put sample pics in the 'My Photostream' folder on PC and voila! they appeared on my iPhone (the upload folder does not work so dont put them there).


    Hope this helps.

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    This is what worked for me for downloading photos from iCloud on my Windows PC


    1. End the iCloud.exe and iCloudServices.exe processes from task manager

    2. Run the iCloud.exe again

    3. Run ApplePhotoStreamsDownloader.exe as administrator


    All photos downloaded to my iCloud Downloads folder.

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    Hi, I'm checking in to see if anyone ever received an official response from Apple, or if an effectve, repeatable solution was discovered for Windows users. I spent the better part of today attempting everything posted on these 19 pages and nothing worked, not even momentarily.


    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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