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    Chris CA wrote:


    GRGNV wrote:


    Crashing occurs most often in Safari, but it occurs in other apps as well.

    I have filed a bug report for this as Safari crashes at least 5-10 times per day. I can't say I have seen crashes elswehere though.

    My experience exactly.


    You have heard the old saying that "misery loves company" ... Well in this case it's reassuring to me to see that another more experienced user than me, has seen an issue with iOS 5. I have tried everything on earth to eliminate this Safari crashing issue and have had no success whatsoever!

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    Same deal here.  This is my 2nd Ipad 2, 3G, Black, 32GB.  Safari, iTunes, Settings, you name it....all crash.  Might work fine for 20 or 30 minutes, but once the crashing starts it just keeps closing and going back to home screen time after time.  Basically renders deveice useless.  Doing another full restore now.  Next step will be a restore with no backup.....just start over.  Actually, this is my 3rd Ipad....had a 1st gen that did the same thing, replaced by Apple with upgrade to iPad 2, that one went 1 month before a trip to the Genius bar and subsequent replacement.  Current one worked fine for 2 weeks....than crash"topia" started. 

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    This is what worked for me for my iPad 2:


    1. Connect to itunes using pc/mac


    2. Restore iOS to an earlier version (if you have backed up any previous versions) by selecting the version from the drop down in iTunes and let the process complete


    3.  Once complete, Restore ios using the restore button in iTunes (just press the restore button on the main screen of iTunes)

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    Hi all!


    This is my first time posting on here about a problem with my apple product since we have had really good luck with our purchases. Sadly I have to say that since my husband as done the recommended upgrade to IOS5 we have had nothing but problems with our iPad. We don't have a iPad2, we have a iPad 16G wifi only. I have had it about a year now without any problems and with only about 8G usage too. My questions are....has anyone gotten any kind of fix? We did what everyone else has done, the restart, the reboot, and the restore. It actually seems to be worse since the restore. Should I call apple? What will they do if anything? Will it just be a big waste of my time to call now? I noticed someone said something about apple letting them get a upgrade to a iPad 2 because of the problems but if the 2 is having problems as well I don't want to make more hassle than there has to be. Any suggestions or comments would be good. Thanks.

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    Apple!  Help us. We are dying here. I know there are teams of people working on this, but we are desperate. Our reputation as promotors of your products as well as the Apple name is at risk here.  I'm sure there's a memory leak somewhere, but you need to get this fixed soon.

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    Add me to the List. Constant crashes on iPad1 after Update to iOS5. Safari, iCab, AppStore...

    VERY VERY VERY annoying. I loved my iPad since day one, but now it drives me crazy!

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    We have this on 2x iPhone 4, 1x iPad and 1x iPad2. All running iOS 5.


    The iPad2 was also brand new, setup from scratch and NOT restored in anyway. Virgin setup and I get crash'es in Safari and the app store. Just open the app store and CRASH! All the other devices are the same.


    I recommend anyone getting this to turn on the diagnostic reporting so it sends these crash reports to apple. WIthout them there is no chance of them fixing it or even knowing of an issue. I know it can decrease battery life but do it for a week or 2, just so they get the data.

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    I don't understand your response. How is significant instability introduced by an OS update not anything to fix? Right now my old Windows XP computer is much more stable than iOS5. Based on the reporting on this and other threads, this is an issue common on iPads updating to iOS5, and 'turning it on and off again'  is not working. Thanks for the link though.

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    The response to which you refer is somewhat typical of users that are not experiencing problems. Of course they would think there is nothing to fix, their devices did not suffer the instability issues that way too many of the rest of us are having.


    It must be user error - their thinking never goes beyond that reasoning.

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    After enabling the iCloud, it seems my ipad2 is much stable than before. At least no cracking for two weeks.

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    I appreciate the tip but I enabled iCloud the day that I updated the iOS. I have tried every fix that I have read about, I have restored the device, I would be willing to try an exorcism if I thought that would work.


    Safari crashes used to be the least of my worries on my iPad - and not to go way off topic here - I have begun to experience some of the most bizarre issues that I have ever seen since I bought my iPad just over on year ago. I never had issues with my iPad until this update.


    My perfectly operating iPad just has not been the same since I updated the iOS. Once again though, I do appreciate your suggestion.

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    Hi, all -


    So here is my follow-up after an appointment with an Apple Genius at the store on Sunday... afraid it's not helpful to anyone but me, as I was given a new iPad in exchange.


    The tech ran diagnostics and revealed TONS of crashes due to memory leaks/memory conflicts.  Biggest culprit? Safari. Next? Mail  - which I hardly use! Then... something to do with Big Fish Games (predictable, as most were iOS4 native apps) and the iPad's own bloody utilities console were tied.  Hootsuite borked out as well, and then a few more apps I'd only crashed out of once or twice as well, I probably only used them once or twice.


    Anyway - I'm an Applecare customer, cranky, and "techie" enough myself to point out to them that any OS that completely DIES based on poor memory handling in an app is still showing some serious problems, as an OS should protect against that - they agreed. They advised a restore as a "new device" and only gradually syncing Apps, one at a time, to see which ones were worst. I advised that was unnacceptable as that still left me stuck with an OS that couldn't cope with bad apps THAT ARE INSTALLED WITH THE OS, and no ability to downgrade. Hence - I was offered the exchange for a new iPad, out of the box with iOS 4.5.whatever. I was still stuck with the restore as a new iPad as my backup would restore with iOS5, but that's OK. Not hard to do, just time consuming. It's now working fine.


    Finally - was advised that an iOS 5.something.something update should be out by end of month (they think - I'm not sure the in-store techies are directly informed of release timelines from the mothership). 


    So, sorry, but no easy fix unless you can convince them to replace your device with one that's never been updated. But at least - we're not crazy, this guy at the Apple store has seen this several times over and their own diagnostic reports show a lot of memory handling problems

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    FWIW ...

    IOS5 caused crashes f increasing frequency on my iPad 1 (much much less on my iPHone 33GS!). It got to where

    Safari could crash in seconds on some ages, and many crashes on many other apps, including AppStore.


    What SEEMS to have worked (fingers crossed) is t "reset all settings" and restore the IPad from an iCloud recent backup.


    I figure with 64G memory should not be an issue, but can see some logic in getting crashes between n OS and apps using old settings.


    YMMV - and good luck.

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    I am absolutely having the same problem.  I am using iOS5 on a brand new iPad2, and the new iPad2 crashes (screen goes black and small circular icon appears like it is turning off, then it goes right back to my home page).  It happens about every two or three minutes or more after I have logged on.  When I navigate to the Diagnostics and Usage page on my iPad2 I have a very long list of crashes.  Most of the crashes are listed as MobilMail crashes.  Text reads:  MobileMail_2011-11-0-21347 (the last number is always different).  The other crash listings are crashes on other apps.  This is incredibly annoying.  I took the iPad to the Genius Bar at my local Apple Store, andd they looked at the Diagnostic and Usage page and immediately said that it should not be doing this.  While they were looking at the Diagnostics, the iPad crashed several times.  I was so glad that it happened when they were working with it so they could actually experience the problem.  They immediately replaced my iPad2 saying it had to be a hardware problem.  Unfortunately when I got the replacement iPad2 back to the office it began doing the same thing.  I have had to restore the replacement iPad2 six times now. I now  have deleted the iCloud account on the replacement iPad2, and I have only the apps on the unit that came with the iPad2 originally.  STILL I am having the same problem.  For the kind of money this product costs, this is a totally unacceptable situation.  PLEASE, SOMEONE FROM APPLE LET ME KNOW HOW TO RESOLVE THIS ISSUE!!!

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    stellarboi wrote:



    You cannot resolve this issue.

    Wait until Apple releases an update to iOS to address this issue.