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  • GRGNV Level 1 Level 1


    Glad to hear that at least the store employees are acknowledging that this is a problem and that a fix is imminent.  Whether or not the store employees have any real information from inside the infinite loop, it shows that it is at least an acknwledged problem by someon other than general users.


    I have tried the restart, reset, clean, and restore processes with absolutely no success in getting rid of the crashing.  Given that it occurs without any corelation to the app or apps that are runing, it seems to be a core OS issue.  Heck, it even gets into short rebooting cycles when no user app is running.  VERY FRUSTRATING.


    I think Chris CA is right, there is nothing an iPad user can do right now to resolve the issue, this one is in Apple's hands.   I just hope they are not taking the MS path on this (you know, deny the problem exists, wait until a fix to the previously denied problem is anncounced, then issue the fix with a bloated patch that creates other problems).


    Apple should really be doing better on this.

  • Ashooner Level 1 Level 1

    Looking elsewhere on the forum, this is not just iPad 2, it looks like it is affecting the original as well.


    FWIW, the Safari crashes seem very similar to what I've experienced while developing webkit-based native apps for iOS.  If you try to do too much in the webview (css3 animations, image loading, etc), it just can't handle it and crashes. In iOS4, the webview memory was limited to 10MB I think; trying to load more than that in a image for instance would just produce the blue '?' or nothing at all. We struggled so long with that instability, it's kind of oddly reassuring that the Safari team itself might have  the same problem...

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    Thanks for the info.  Before the crashing started I was considering re-writing an program I wrote for the Mac as my first iOS app.  However, with the constant crashing I put my project on hold beause I won't know whether errors or crashing are iOS issues or project issues.


    The fact that this is occuring on all forms of the iPad, (iPad1 WIFI, iPad1 3G, iPad2 WIFI & iPad2 3G) you think there would be more outcry over the issue and more reporting of the issue.

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    Mine is the email... crashes ALL THE TIME. I tried everything and it works fine for a little while (after rebooting) then it crashes 9 out of 10 times I open the email app. I also tried deleting and re-adding the accounts, which also worked for a little while.

    I'm loading the new ios5 load now, I'm hoping it will fix it, but there is no such mention on the version list.

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    I downloaded 5.0.1 as well last night.


    So far.... no crashes.  I'll keep my fingers crossed.



  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9

    I haven't seen any crashes yet with 5.0.1.

  • Demo Level 10 Level 10

    Safari crashed on me about an hour after I updated to iOS 5.0.1 yesterday. I will chalk this up to an isolated incident, but I will do so wish cautious optimism.

  • GRGNV Level 1 Level 1

    My incidents of crashing have been greatly reduced witn 5.0.1.   Since installing on the evening of the 11th, my iPad2 has only crashed three times (each time in Safari with nothing elese running in the background).  It makes the device much more usable, but problems still exist even if they are a bit less frequent so far.

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    On a 4th gen iPod Touch, Safari crashing suddenly became an issue after ios 5, as did many other things.  Crashing a couple of times per day, even after ios 5.0.1.

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    Oh No! I have updated with the lastest update (IOS 5.1) and it is still crashing. Any other fixes?

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    Well, the reduced crash rate was temporary.  Last night, the ipad began crashing frequently in safari, first on, then on when scrolling throug search results (neither of which are wildly complex sites).


    This ***.  I hope Apple is getting the message and working on adressing this issue.  It seems remarkable, that 5.01 could be so much worse (less stable) than 4.x and still get released.  The fastest way to blow a lead in any field is to substitute a bad product in place of a good one.

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    Device info: White iPad 2, 64Gb, iOS 5.0


    did restart - no change

    did reset - no help

    did complete reset to factory settings / cleared everything - and did get in to a lot of trouble - see below


    After reset to factory settings iPad 2 cannot be activated. Activation keeps saying "your iPad cannot be activated, activation servers are temporarily not available... " Have tried this for 6 hours now over wifi connection for 20-30 times which I know for sure to work perfectly as I am using same to write this with my MacBook Pro...


    Also cannot activate through iTunes as iPad crashed every 2min 40sec which means I do not have enought time to do activation through iTunes.... It takes approx 1 min just for iTunes to find iPad (don't ask why, it finds my iPhone 4S in seconds).


    And this all means I cannot upgrade to iOS 5.0.1 nor restore to 4.x nor do restoration at all. And what makes this very very frustrating is that I need to take 3 day 1200km roadtrip tomorrow and would like to use tomtom navigator in this iPad 2...


    Any advice anyone?

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    Still no response from Apple.  Still crashing in safari.  Does anyone know if the current iPad2's are shipping with iOS5.01?

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    GRGNV wrote:


    Still no response from Apple.

    How/when did you contact them about this issue?

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    As an alternative just installed Opera mini and works great !

    Apple please Supooooooooooooooort !