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    After searching the forum, I'm working on the theory that there is a glitch with iCloud bookmark synching, possiblu involving the bookmarks bar.  I have turned off bookmarks sync in settings:iCloud and my Safari stability has been good for the last couple hours.  I'll reply if it crashes again.


    iPad 3G on ios5



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    my ipad1 is sh.. after update ios 5.01

    my iphone 4 works fine

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    I did the same thing, and it seems to decrease the frequency of the crashing.  But, I still have periodic crashing in Safari, mail and other apps.


    My brother called this morning because he was thinking of getting his wife an iPad2 for Christmas, but he has put that on hold after hearing about my problems post iOS5 and my iPad2.  Given that the iPad3 expected to be out in 4 months, I wonder whether Apple is expending sufficient resources to get the problem fixed for the iPad2 in a timely manner.


    - Greg

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    I think I have the problem solved. 


    I called apple to register the problem by phone, rather than online.  They gave me the same advice, of restart, reboot, and restore.  If that didn't work, the only other option was to send it in for repairs.


    Like other times before, I did that routine again.  However, this time I gave the iPad a new name in addition to not restoring from the backup.


    The result is I have experienced no crashing in more than a day of use for the first time since I installed iOS5. 


    Again the process is to (1) initiate the restore via iTunes, (2) do not restore from a backup and (3) give the iPad a new name.  The apps ported back over, even though the data did not, but it seems to work without crashing.


    I hope this helps.

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    Two days later and still no crashes.


    P.S. I called my brother to let him know my problem was solved and it shouldn't be an issue with a new iPad.

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    GRGNV, This really nailed it.  It was a pain to lose cookies and application data, but from a performance ans stability standpoint it really helped.  All features on my iPad 1 now work, no crashes.  Feels as good as ever.

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    I am glad this worked for you too.  I have to report that I have not been totally crash free, but I am mostly crash free.  Since applying the fix (restore and rename) I have only crashed twice.  That is way better than before for a 5 day stretch. 

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    I am sad to report that the fix only temporarily helped.  In the last week crashing in Safari (and other apps) has become frequent again, and I don't think having to restore and rename periodically just to improve stability of the system is an acceptable solution.  Apple Please Fix this.

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    This discussion should move to a similar thread:


    It may be helpful to consolidate these similar threads.

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    Having the random app closure issue and mega-slow keyboard lag time and jumpy scrolling on occasion since I updated to ios5 on my gen 1 iPad 32 gb wifi/3G . Annoyingly frustrating....

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    Glad you linked these two threads. The more we can do that the more likely they are to be seen and recognized as related issues.


    A third thread on this is here:

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    i also have this problem after updating to ios5.  my ipad 2 keeps returning to the home screen and in an unrelated issue, it makes the you tube thumbnails on facebook extremely large so that they cover up the comments and descriptions of videos on my wall.

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    I have the same problem here. I think that the problem appears about 7-8 days. I didn't have problem with the iOS 5. I don't remember well.
    iPad 2 3G 16GB No JB.
    I will try to restore it

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    I am only recently having this issue, my iPad 2 crashes, screen goes black and it goes into lock mode in the middle of doing anything from using an app to being on Safari. I have had my iPad for less than a year, surely it isn't going out on me already?

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    I've been experiencing the same issues on my iPad 2 (16GB) since I first got it (almost 9 months). Over that period I've noticed that the random crashes tend to happen at a time when apple is about to release the next versions of the OS. Perhaps it has something to do with apples servers becoming busy/overloaded and then somehow interfering with safari (or some other process that uses the internet)?

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