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when i turn my ipod click wheel on it shows a red X in a red circle, and it makes a weird clicking sound, i don't know why it does this and if anyone else does help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

iPod classic
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    The clicking sound, is caused by the hardisk read/write arm trying to find boot sector.

    either because the battery power is low or the hard has crashed.

    So charge it 1st by connecting to a PC, although you may not see it in iTunes or the desktop.


    What do you see on the iPod screen when you connect it to a PC or Mac?


    if you are lucky, after resetting (Press Menu and Center button for 10 secs)

    connect it to PC and format it.


    But if the red X and clicking sound is still there, you can't format it, it is a goner, and last hope is to