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Should there be an icloud icon in launchpad or just bookmark icloud sign in page?

  • d6d24r94 Level 3 (610 points)

    The way I see it, iCloud is more of a service than an application, so I don't think an icon to launch anything is really necessary. You can save a shortcut to your desktop or something if you want.

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    Ok...I get that. My problem is this: I finish working on a pages document on my imac and I want it available on the cloud so i can get to it later on my iphone or ipad. How do I tell it to go there and know it is there?

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    So, to get the document everywhere - I went to www.icloud.com/#iwork did a drag and drop. This seems very cumbersome from the imac end.

    Still interested in any advise if anyone knows a better way...

  • iZap Level 1 (0 points)

    To speed access to iCloud I added iCloud to the Bookmarks Bar. Then you can select from Mail, Contacts, Calendar, iWork or Find My iPhone.