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  • Phil M2 Level 1 Level 1

    rjchicago wrote:


    All songs sound horrible, even those purchased from itunes - so not a burned format issue. I am not experiencing the "bass" issue others describe, but more that certain layers sound distant and garbled. This layer is typically the voice layer on most tracks. I have tried many settings adjustments suggested by others, but nothing corrects the layer distortion.


    This issue renders iOS useless for iPod functionality. Please fix ASAP.


    Update: Sound distortion appears to only be an issue when playing through the audio jack. Playing through the iPhone's built-in speaker does not reproduce the layer issue.

    Did you try re-setting the volume level for your music files in iTunes, and then synching again?  If you currently have it set to zero, move it up or down, allow the change to process, then move it back to zero, let it process, and then synch your music. Someone suggested this earlier in this thread, and I did it, and it fixed the worst of the distortion (in my case, the upper midrange, including many vocals, sounded terrible).  I still had to set the equalizer to "rock" in order to entirely get rid of the distortion on all tracks, but at least my iPhone music sounds good again.  It was almost unlistenable before the fix.


    Before you try this fix for all your music, you may want to experiment with a single playlist and see if the fix works for you.  Also, if you have a large music library, turn off Time Machine before you do this fix, because TM will do a new backup of all your music files, since they have been altered.  This seemed to slow down the process in iTunes.  Turn it on again once all the changes are done. 


    This problem needs to be addressed in an iOS update, and I can't believe it was allowed to slip through in the first place.  My iPhone sounded so terrible that I assumed it was my earbuds, so I bought a new pair, only to discover that the buds were not the culprit.  My fault for not doing some trouble-shooting first; luckily I prefer the new earbuds, so no harm done. 

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    Ok guys i just had this fixed. there are two issues.


    A) batch of headphones shipped with the 4S were defective. which was my issue go to apple store and theyd change it. No problems. ~(this is why speakerphone sounds fine but when played by audio jack it all sounds messed up)


    B) I tunes bug:

    many old songs will be automatically shifted to +100% volume. Simple select all songs, right click, select get info, go to options, set voume to 0% (dead middle)


    n Done!


    (the itunes issue will be fixed in the new itunes that just got released)

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    Hi guys I got exactly the same problem with my Iphone4 and Ipad2. After reading more than one internet page I realised it's probably a bug they hopefully gonna fix with further updates. The 5.0.1, however, didnt fix anything about this. All the "ways" to fix it (either with an EQ or with sounds check) do the same as lowering the 'volume adjustment' from the options tab within 'Get Info' on Itunes: if you have this set to anything above 0%, it seems like it cannot cope: music is distorted and the bass too strong in a bad way. So, waiting for an Apple update able to deal with this, either lower the bar from options tab in iTunes to 0%, or EQ your device (iphone, Ipad or Ipod) according to the song. I put my iTunes level bar to 0 and now music is quite good, not exactly what it was but.. at least I can listen it without getting nervous. So that's it for the moment, I just tried to "resume" a lot of posts her and ther on internet as many ppl got the same problem (all those who had the "iTunes bar" set at more than 0 I guess). Hope it helps.. we are all waiting for apple to fix it..

  • Ikertxo Level 1 Level 1

    Apple Releases iTunes 10.5.2 with iTunes Match and Audio Distortion Fixes:




    Will this fix ALL?

  • Ikertxo Level 1 Level 1

    Apple Releases iTunes 10.5.2 with iTunes Match and Audio Distortion Fixes:




    Will this fix ALL?

  • Phil M2 Level 1 Level 1

    Ikertxo wrote:


    Apple Releases iTunes 10.5.2 with iTunes Match and Audio Distortion Fixes:




    Will this fix ALL?

    I updated iTunes as soon as I saw your post a few days ago.  The update returned my volume levels to what they had been before I had to re-set them (about two notches above 0).  I synched my music and tried turning off the equalizer on my iPhone.  The music sounded much better, but some tracks (including one that I had downloaded from Amazon) still had distortion in the very low bass as well as some mid and upper-range vocals.  So I am leaving the equalizer on "rock," which seems to be the best way to avoid any distortion, and am waiting for an update the really solves the problem.  Very annoying to have to go through all of this and I don't know why Apple can't just put things back to the way they were.  I never had to use any equalizer before and the music sounded great. 

  • sneath Level 1 Level 1

    You have got to be kidding me Apple!

    I thougth this would finally be fixed with the release of iOS 5.1, but NO!

    I am so pi$$ed right now, I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS $H!T!

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    This did the trick!!!  Streaming radio was clipping in iTunes (all versions including 10.6).  Clicked on the streaming radio station, clicked on Info, reduced that station's volume adjustment to -40%, then the sound was excellent!


    Wish this fix was easier to find!  A listing in iTunes Help would be ideal.

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    Hi, I agree with what you have done and did something similar in i-Tunes 10.5 (and 10.6) by reducing preamp levels in the i-Tunes equalizer by -6dB.


    Using iOS5 in my i_Phone the preamp signal is overmodulating/clipping but the equalizer doesnt have the same functionality as that of i-Tunes with only preset equalizers. Only one that came to the rescue was the bass reducer.


    Why should Apple's customers go to these lengths because of untested/untried software roll out?


    Beggars belief!

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    I have the sample problem with my ipod and ipad2. With low bass sounds they are distorted, using ios 5.1.

  • freespirit27 Level 1 Level 1

    I recently got in touch with apple after re-uploading all my songs to ITunes match, due to them all sounding distorted on all my devices, I had tried readjusting the volume, making sure the EQ was off, but still no joy. "Brad" the iTunes store customer support senior advisor, got in touch with me in less than 24 hours, and told me to delete my music from iTunes match andtry converting 5 songs in iTunes, then upload them again to match. I did this and to my surprise it worked, I could even increase the volume, both in iTunes and via Ivolume and still no distortion!


    All the music I had previously uploaded was on my iPod, and they were not distorted on this device, so I don't know what happened between my iPod and iTunes, but simply converting them all in iTunes has fixed the bug. The only problem for me was that this was very time consuming.

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