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It looks like iCloud has a problem with Outlook 2010 - when syncing calendars. I repeatedly get the rather vague error message above when I launch the set-up, then the iCloud control panel hangs. If I wait long enough I get "The operation could not be completed".


Anyone else getting this? Seems to work find for contacts, BTW.



iCloud Panel for PC, Windows 7
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    Hey codfishpie,


    You may want to look at the solution I provided here:




    I had the exact same error and although my problem was with the contacts integration, yours appears to be in the calendar. So, if you already have your iPhone's calendar on iCloud, just simply delete your main calendar in Outlook and try iCloud again.


    This should work.


    Let us know if it did for you.

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    I have the same message error :

    - Windows 7 64 bits

    - Outlook 2007

    - iCloud


    The solution given upper doesn't word for me.


    Help ?!

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    I have the same error when trying to set up icloud - i either receive 'server not responding' or 'setup failed due to unexpected error'


    I'm running win7 64 bits, outlook 2010. the winsoc solution above hasn't worked.


    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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    Same problem using Windows 7 and Outllok 2010.  iCloud acts as if Outlook is not installed.  I've searched everywhere for a solution with no luck.  I'm giving up.

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    This was happening to me with Outlook 2007 and the iCloud Control Panel (CP). I spent days trying to get it sorted out and as usual once it worked I wasn't completely sure what exactly fixed it.


    This is what I did:


    1. Ensured Outlook 2007 was completely up to date with Windows Update.

    2. Unchecked everything in iCloud CP.

    3. Logged out of iCloud CP and when asked I removed all contacts, calendars on my PC.

    4. Uninstalled iCloud CP.

    5. Redownloaded and reinstalled iCloud CP.

    6. Logged into iCloud via iCloud CP.

    7. Checked Mail, Contacts and Calendars.

    8. Didn't get the error message and now I can see all my contacts and calendar stuff from iCloud in Outlook 2007.



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    I tried your solution. I uninstalled iCloud CP, reboot, then checked Win updates. There were an update for MS office 2007, the Service Pack 3.


    Buti it still doesn't work !


    HELP !!!

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    That fixed it for me! THANKS!!!

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    Thanks, Chris Gannon...the iCloud uninstall, redownload & reinstall proceedure you gave worked for me!!

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    OMG!!!!!  After two days of searching.....finally I found the answer!! I wouldn't have found it if it wasn't for you, ChrisGannon!!!  It was just a bit simpler for me.  All I did was go to the ICloud control panel and click on the "sign out" box.  This time I selected NOT to keep copies.  It took me right to a couple of setup steps and.......baddaboombaddabing!!  There were my contacts AND calendar entries that eluded me for two days.  Let me also add that the problem originated when I upgraded my MS Office to Pro Plus2010.  I sure hope this helps save someone else two days of frustration! (I'm not all that computer literate )

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    Thanks chrisgannon, after reading your post I took a the slightly shorter step of repairing the install to the ICloud control panel, this was enough for it to work for me.

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    tammy321: This worked for me also. I just logged off and login again and then all started to work!

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    Thanks chrisgannon I also had to delete my calendar appointments (recurring ones were the issue I think) as well as following your sign out, repair, reinstall, etc instructions. Now finally my life, or at least iPad, iPod, iPhone and Outlook on my computer are all synced!! I'm on Windows 8 and Office 2013 with iPhone 5 and Ipad 3.