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As with many iPhone 4S adopters, I have noticed that mybattery is under performing compared to my iPhone 4 (on iOS4, granted). The issue seems to be standby, more than usage. In standby my iPhone 4 only dropped1% battery every 2-3 hours. Now I am dropping  1-2% every hour.


I have done ALL the tricks I have read on these forums (listed below)


However, just now, I received a "Badge" style notificationon my home screen from an app which is NOT IN MY "NOTIFICTAION CENTRE"LIST. It transpires that some of the apps not in the list can still push notifications in the old style. Annoyingly, these are apps which, on my old iPhone 4, I had all notifications turned off!! The move the iPhone 4S/iOS5 has turned them on!


I have gone through them switching everything off. I willsee what happens with that


Could this be a battery drain that people are missing? I amnot hugely technical with this kind of stuff, more a process of eliminationtype guy!



The tricks I HAVE employed:


Set up phone as new (lost all my game saves, dammit!)

Turned off locations services to all but those apps that need it (one or two)

Turned off all unnecessary items in notification centre

Bluetooth OFF

Wifi ON (I am usually at home or work; wifi is LESS of adrain than 3G)

Ping OFF in restrictions

Itunes OFF in restrictions

Hidden location services such as time zone locator OFF

iCloud deleted

No email on phone.

Reset network settings

Lowered brightness

key sounds OFF

(Possibly others....I have spent some time on this!)


P.S. I have not run a full battery cycle yet, in process,and will report back with results

P.P.S ...Apple..... PATCH iOS5 ASAP! (assuming this will solve it!) Surely there cannot be THAT many defective iPhone 4S batteries out there?!

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