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I had taken several photos with my iPhone 4S prior to setting up iCloud - after lots of frustration I realized the reason there where no photos showing up in my photostream was because iCloud would only upload photos that I had taken AFTER I had set up iCloud.  I want to push my old photos (from my iPhone) to photostream so I can view them on my iPad.  How do I do this?

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    I just found the answer after going to www.icloud.com.  Once you sign in, go up to your name in the corner, click on it and click Help.  From there click on Photo Stream and you'll see adding photos manually.

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    Thanks for posting this topic but it really did not helped the specific question. Actually your answer will only help if the intention is to upload photo from mac/pc to iphone not the other way that is from iphone to device.


    Also i see it more useful to just download photos on the device from phone rather than other way. So if i want to upload old photo from my iphone before setting up icloud. Its not explained under icloud.com help. Infact All help documentation i read icloud.com only tell you how to do it from mac or pc to phone. or of course if you take new photo they go directly to my device.



    I want to know how to push old photos from iphone to photostream so they get downloaded to my device not the other way.


    I could do this from box.net but that defeats the purpose of having icloud. Or maybe apple just want us to figure out some other way(manual) to move old photo to the device. Not sure why it was not thought of or explained properly.


    Also I hear barryfromseattle frustration because I went through the same excercise later on to realize photo stream is not really a backup service but just an easier mechanism to share your new photo(after icloud is setup) from mutiple iphone/ipad to a central device. Note that its not a storage or backup service since its wiping off all new photo after 30 days.

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    I don't know what apple was thinking

    All they have to do is add a button in the forward photo section for Icloud!


    That way one can select desired photos and push them to Icloud for syncing on all devices ..regardless of old or new pictures.


    Also one can leave iCloud photo sync off so that not all photos are pushed all the time..

    Only selected ones.

    At least there will be a choice that way.

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    All you have to do is e-mail the photo to yourself, open the e-mail and re-save the photo (which puts into Camera Roll and pushes it to iCloud).  The downside is that you have to do this one by one.

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    That is not a cool solution... To me there has to be choice in photo forwarding/sharing  to push to iCloud.. Just as there is for email.. Except for I cloud there should not be a small limit set for photos like there is for each email.

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    I agree that it's not ideal, but it does work.  With the upcoming iOS 6's photo sharing capabilities, perhaps this limitation will be addressed as part of the change.

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    Hope so....

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    The easiest way to push an older photo from your camera roll to photo stream is to open the picture on your device (iPhone or iPad) and then simply take a screen shot. This will duplicate the photo in your camera roll but also send a copy to photo stream

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    Would that maintain the resolution of the pic or would it save it at the screen resolution of the device?

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    I tested that method.. The pic gets saved at the device screen res.

    Which means screemshots of pic on the iPhone  look bad on iPad.