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  • jgrow2 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm in Arizona. iPhone 4, iOS5. DST bug woke me an hour early in March, so I set it to "Set Manually." That put the click back to normal.


    Sometime between then and now (iOS upgrade?), it got set back to "Set Automatically" because the $#&%ing thing woke me an hour late today. Awesome.


    The problem is still there. I put it to "Set manually," it sees Phoenix. Put it to "Set Automatically," it switches to Denver. Still does it right this second. First real disappointment in Apple since the Powerbook 5300. This is really not that difficult to fix.

  • raginglemon Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same issue... this is really ridiculous, I can't believe that Apple can't figure this out. My phone keeps thinking that I'm in Winnepeg even though I'm in Calgary which is an entire timezone away. This morning it woke me up 1hr early.


    Maybe Apple should spend less time not allowing people to use Siri on their iPhone 4, and more time on fixing this problem. It's been how many years now and this timezone, daylight savings time issue still hasn't been rectified, there really is no excuse.

  • GlennW Level 3 Level 3

    Not fixed in 5.0.1

  • Kevin Geiss Level 1 Level 1

    Hey guys,


    I also live in Arizona. I've found a workaround for this bug. it's a bit more work, but it will work and will handle the spring onset of DST.


    in Settings -> General -> Date & Time, turn "Set Automatically" back on. don't worry about what timezone it says (it'll say Denver right now, and I'm guessing it'll change back to Cupertino in the spring).


    Then, get ready for some work, and go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars, scroll near to the bottom, tap "Time Zone Support", turn it on, and set your Time Zone to Phoenix.


    now go look at your calendar. things may have moved; but now, every item on your calendar, when you edit it, has a timezone as well as a start time and end time.


    I was lucky. most of my items had "GMT-0700" as their time zone; this should be functionally equivelant to "Phoenix". I had a few items, though, with "Cupertino" as their timezone, and those items shifted by one hour. I set the time zone on those to "Phoenix" and it fixed their times.




    when you create new appointments, it should default to "Phoenix" but you will have the option of setting it to whatever you want.


    if apple fixes this bug before spring, we can turn "Time Zone Support" off for good.


    if you travel outside of Arizona, turn "Time Zone Support" back off until you get home; appointments will be displayed in your local timezone because the calendar will know they were set in phoenix time (for example: set an appointment for 10am, phoenix, then travel to Cupertino to complain about iOS timezone bugs in person, turn Time Zone Support off when you cross the border, and your appointment should display on your calendar as 9am since it'll be displaying everything in california time. this is actually correct. when you get home and turn time zone support back on, it'll be at 10am again).


    alternatively, when you travel, you can set your current timezone manually, in Mail, Contacts, Calendars. so if you fly to new york, when you land, set the timezone to new york. the iphone clock will adjust automatically. your 10am arizona time appointment will display as 12pm in your local timezone of new york (the calendar item, if edited, should still say it occurs at 10am Phoenix time)


    more reading about time zone support:

    (they don't mention what happens if you fly somewhere and do update your timezone manually; it should change the display of all your events, though, since it knows what timezone they are in).


    this is all a pain, but at least this way, I have explicit control of what timezone I want calendar to display, and what timezone my appointments are in.


    previously, ios handled this automatically and correctly. maybe someday it will again. in the meantime, I'll do it myself.

  • Kevin Geiss Level 1 Level 1

    to clarify my example of flying to new york; the iphone clock will update to new york time automatically because "Set Automatically" is still On in Settings-> General -> Date and Time; the calendar will shift to display things in new york time once the timezone is set manually in Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars. basically, the timezone you set in Mail, Contacts, Calendars is only used by the Calendar app to determine how to display appointments, and becomes the default timezone for new appointments.

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    Timezone setting does not work for calendar. I flew from Cupertino to DC and time synchs up and so does the email, but calendar fails.


    To fix this, I kept the time zone as Cupertino and Turned timezone support "off" and that synchs the calendar.


    Looks like iPhone is not Enterprise ready ... good toy

  • Kevin Geiss Level 1 Level 1
  • Kevin Geiss Level 1 Level 1

    I filed problem id 10481285 with apple about this.

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    If Time Zone Support is off, your calendar moves as you move, that is, the time zone settings update as you change time zones. For example, if you have that same meeting at 10 a.m. Pacific time   in California and fly to New York, your calendar items will be shown in local (eastern) time. So your meeting at 10 a.m. Pacific time   will show up at 1 p.m. ET. If you expected to call in to such a meeting, 1 p.m. eastern time would be the correct time to do so. If you had time zone support on, you could end up calling in at 7 a.m., which would be a bit early.


    If this the case then why do you call it time zone support?


    Looking at the amount of emails on this topic it looks like turning time zone support "on" should keep the calendars in synch with time zone I currently am in (while moving). Otherwise, it is a useless feature.



  • vsfromca Level 1 Level 1

    BTW, I do appreciate your prompt reply



  • Kevin Geiss Level 1 Level 1

    don't ask me why it's called that, I just happen to know how to use it to workaround the bug which is the topic of this thread.


    if you live in a region which observes daylight savings time, you are probably fine with "Time Zone Support" set to off. just know that even in that mode, calendar items you create are stamped with the timezone that ios has decided you are currently in; if your current time zone changes (i.e., you fly), the calendar app will change to the new current timezone, but all your appointments are in the former timezone, and the result is they appear to change times when you look at the calendar. they'll move back when you go home.


    it's confusing because timezones are confusing.  the way to deal with it is keep this in mind: if you are standing in california and are adding an appointment you'll be attending while in new york next week, set the time of the meeting to what time it'll be in california. that's what the Calendar app is assuming you are doing. then when you get to new york, Calendar will translate it for you.


    we people living in a region which does not observe daylight savings time (Phoenix) are seeing a bug where iOS has determined we are in a completely different timezone (Cupertino when daylight savings time is active in California, Denver when daylight savings time is not active in California), causing new appointments to have the wrong timezone in them. this is a problem when the DST events happen other places; our appointments change time when they shouldn't. the workaround is to ask iOS to allow us to set the timezone Calendar should display manually (and also that same option allows us to set the timezone of all new appointments manually; the default timezone for new appointments will start as the timezone we select manually in Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars)

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    Folks, I  posted earlier that the MobileMe senior support tech I was working with to solve my many calendar syncing problems told me, sternly, that Floating events were NOT supported by MobileMe. That seemed (and still seems) crazy to me, since that is the ONLY way to get a flight taking off in one time zone and landing in another to show up properly in both time zones.

    Well, I flew east this week and he's right. I entered all flights at the actual local time in my computer iCal and set the zone to "floating." All my flight times were messed up. I had the actual times copied into the notes section. But this is incredibly annoying, as I have entered all my flights as floating events ever since I discovered the option. The description of a floating event says that the time won't change if you move, which is true, but only on iCal, NOT on the phone. So I was scrambling to figure out what time my flight out of Dallas actually left while trying to decide whether to stay on a delayed flight to Dallas or get off and route through another city instead.

    So in addition to being stuck in "Denver," and having no ability to sync events I enter on my phone to my Air calendar (there is a trick involving mobile me, if anyone is interested, that will push phone-entered events to the computer), I cannot now enter a flight that takes off in one time zone and lands in another without calculating the time change and then remembering that the arrival time is WRONG until I actually arrive. Causing the problem noted above.

    Not happy about this, Apple.

  • Kevin Geiss Level 1 Level 1

    I'm sure you know, but MobileMe is a dead end ... I've already converted everything except my iDisk to iCloud. Not good, but it's the truth. everything syncs from iPhone, iPad, Mac, and perfectly.


    I don't know if floating events are supported on iCloud. I'm going to stick to keeping "Set Automatically" on and "Time Zone Support" on.


    For flights, I intend to set the time zone to whatever end is germane to me; if I'm flying, I'll set it to the timezone I'll be taking off from. Then I can set the takeoff time to whatever the airline tells me, and I'll convert, by hand, the landing time so it's correct in the same timezone as the takeoff timezone. If I were picking someone up from the airport, I'd set the timezone of the event to where the flight lands, and convert the takeoff time to that same time zone.


    That way, the event will have the correct time (both take off and landing) no matter what timezone I pick for display in Mail, Contacts, Calendars.


    It's more work, but there is a way to have it correct.

  • BuffCrone Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, I know all about iCloud. But I don't have Lion yet.

    What you suggest works fine if you aren't changing planes in a time zone different from your own. I am. It is a regular occurrence for me to take off in MST, land in CDT, take off in CDT and land in EDT. Floating solves this. What you suggest requires quite a bit of calculation, and clearly WRONG information on actual flight times to be entered. In other words, the lengths of the flights are wrong.

  • Kevin Geiss Level 1 Level 1

    True, a lot of work. Flight durations should be correct, though.


    I'd set the calendar entry for the first leg to the Phoenix timezone and the second leg to Chicago timezone. As soon as the first plane lands, set timezone in Mail, Contacts, Calendars to Chicago so it'll display the local time of the second flight's takeoff.


    Example: flight 45, from PHX to Chicago; airline lists the time as 8:00am to 1:00pm, and Chicago is observing daylight savings time. This is a three hour flight.


    Flight 56, from Chicago to new York; airline lists the time as 2:00pm to 5pm, and of course new York is also on daylight savings time. A two hour flight.


    I'd put the first flight on my calendar in the Phoenix time zone, and I'd set its start time to 8:00am, end time to 11:00am. 3 hour duration.


    The second flight, I'd set the timezone as Chicago, start time as 2:00pm, end time as 4pm. 2 hour duration.


    The times and durations are all correct. When landing in Chicago, immediately set your display timezone in Mail, Contacts, Calendars to Chicago. When landing in new York, immediately set your timezone to new York in Mail, Contacts, Calendars.


    It forces awareness of the timezones both on data entry and when traveling into a new timezone. At all times, though, the times and durations are "correct"; you just have to specify what timezone you want it displayed in.