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  • andy_nhu Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi there,


    I'm from holland, I have this problem either. My device is IPhone 4 on IOS 5.0.1. When I type in the box of the spotlight, there is nothing showing up. I restart the Iphone as some tips found on @. It helps not really much, cause sometime it works sometime it doesn't.


    Apple please give us a fix for this problem ....Or if someone found the way out please share...

  • andy_nhu Level 1 (0 points)

    As I have tried to remove the app of trip advisor from my IPhone 4 (IOS 5) the Spotlight seems to work well again. I'll check it for few days, if it stay working well, I can say that the app of trip advisor costed me the problem of the Sportlight.

  • vasilisfromrhodes Level 1 (0 points)

    thx for the tip. works fine after a restart without email at spotlight.

  • Ms.Domengoni Level 1 (0 points)

    Spoke with an Apple Tech today, was advised to go to settings>general>reset>reset all settings. This will NOT erase user data, but it WILL reset all settings the user has customized. Hope this helps!

  • woodhouse007 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have exact same problem, I suspect the hardware simply isnt good enough to process the request.

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    I have had this exact same problem and as everyone elses seemed resolved by deleting mail and I knew I had a lot of mail on my exchange account I wondered if this might be part of the problem. I went into my exchange mail via my computer and delete a majority of the back log of read and sent mails that I didn't need anymore and hey presto my iphone Spotlight Search magically started working again.


    So have a clean out in you emails and get rid of all the mails you don't need and this may work for you too!


    I hope this solution  helps some people experiencing this problem who still wish to be able to search their emails.

  • rpaint Level 1 (0 points)

    I gave up the Andriod due to the belief that "Apple works" well apparently not the spotlight search feature, this is a great feature when working which is why it's on the phone, so C'mon Apple ! Deal with it and fix it even if you do the silent update fix, who cares just make it work, your better than this, right?

  • markymark8 Level 1 (15 points)

    I found a variety of solutions on this blog post here. It helped me and now spotlight works! Maybe it can help you guys too...

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    These aren't "solutions".  Turning off mail search allows Spotlight Search to work for the other categories but turning on mail search breaks Spotlight Search.  Apple needs to fix this ASAP!

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    This is still broken! Apple needs to fix this ASAP!

    If you don't care about searching mail then turn off Spotlight Search for mail and everything else seems to work.

    This problem seems to be confined to the Apple iPhone 4S because my on my 3Gs, iPad and iPad 2 Spotlight Search seems to work fine.

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    Did no one actually read my post? This is obviously a problem that the device is having due to the amount if emails you have that the device needs to search through. You can't keep filling something up and expect a search to function perfectly! It's no different to filling your pc up with rubbish and expecting it work as fast as it did the day you got it! Or in simpler terms filling you whole house up with junk mail and then trying to find one letter from the bank - not easy and would probably cause you to break too! This is clearly not an apple problem but a problem with the amount of info you are expecting spotlight to search through- its obvious that if you turn off mail or clear out your mailboxes that if this make spotlight function again then the problem lies with your mail content. So stop being lazy and moaning at apple expecting them to fix something that is clearly not really broken its just strughling with your amount of content and clear out your mail!!! It's really not that hard!

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    I totally disagree with you. There should be a priority in the results, and if something takes a while to look for, then show the immediate results first. Also, I don't think that's the issue or if it is, the. This generates some other problems. For example, when the search fails and doesn't show anything, it blocks the search, there is. Itching you can look for until you reboot (for some people other workaround have worked). Also, is the problem is the amount of data, which is a fixed variable, the problem would manifest always, so no, that's not the  problem. And last, if you're. It in the disposition to help with the problem, that several users manifest and that you underestimated, please don't say anything and specially not in that way. Polite up man!

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    Hi Antonio

    Thanks for your really usefully response. I'm sorry if you think I was not being useful or impolite it was not my intention I am just fed up with everyone moaning about a problem that in my honest opinion doesn't actually exist. I had this 'problem' with my phone and it fixed itself without a restart or anything as soon as I cleared out my mailboxes on my computer that I also pick up on my phone.


    Please don't ask me to not say anything as this will only spur me on to comment further as you can see and I don't believe I was being rude or impolite but I appologies if you interpreted that way.


    Peace out man!

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    Blaming the user is a time honored if dishonest approach in IT support.  Computing devices exist to automate rcomplex and repetitive  tasks and make our lives easier.  Spotlight Search worked perfectly and instantaneously with large quantities of mail and phone data until it was broken a few months ago.  I switched to Apple from other devices because until now the basic and important functions worked seamlessly.  It is unfortunate that you have such low expectations for Apple products and feel that it is incumbent on the user to solve problems.  It is unfair at best to characterize a user as "lazy" when they are trying to use a feature that worked perfectly for years and is now broken.

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    AMEN brother!


    Apple has a reputation for getting most of its product "spot on."   My expectations of Apple's products are very high, and for the most part, I'm a satisfied customer.   This seems to me like an IOS5 problem.   I'm hopeful that this will be fixed in the next upgrade of IOS5... if it isn't I'll be very disappointed.


    ... Are there no Apple tech support people tuning into this thread?  What do they have to say?  is there a fix in the works? what's going on?