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    This solved my query too

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    this is how i got my refund. thank you for taking the time to explain how to do it. i spent a good half-hour in a loop of 'click on this express lane link, now enter your serial number, nope you can't do that, go here, tap on this....'


    i thought that the photostream service would be a great replacement for google's picasaweb, but i can not find a way to browse the images from the web on a computer, not from my iphone or ipad or on my computer's iphoto library. i wanted a storage/gallery service, but this was not quite what i wanted.

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    Glad you were able to get your refund.

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    It used to be that Apple's service and purchase fixes were very easy to navigate. SOMETHING has happened. The doors to the Apple core are now squeezed tightly shut. Too big to fail? Hummph.

    Problem with iCloud purchase that will not work on my iTouch so I'm in the same boat looking to reverse and it has been more than 15 days. I kept thinking i was doing something wrong.  Now, I have lost TWO hours trying to chase down a solution. We shall see if the suggested route works.

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    Well FountainpenLady did it work for you?

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    I could not find a choice anymore for Canceling as you stated. I couldn't even find a place to click for CHAT. There was one for Chat later...but not chat now. Still trying to resolve this issue using your instructions. Maybe they changed the screens!

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    Thanks Plusco was referred to your answer and it helped resolve my issue.

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    Thank you so much for this. Apple sure makes things hard after you've spent the dough on their wonderful products.

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    hi! @plusco... after clicking link, options on the screen are Get Started, Service Options and More ways to get help. No option for the mobile me. I tried to google the link but showed a page that Mobile me is already closed, visit icloud support.

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    ^ have the same problem

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    The original solution no longer works. Although I'm only looking for a $20 refund, I'm appalled that Apple would make it so difficult to obtain this!!!

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    If you tack onto a two-year-old thread you will get out of date advice - they were originally talking about MobileMe which is long gone.


    You can cancel an iCloud storage upgrade but only within 15 days of buying:


    You may be able to do this using - Click on 'More products and services', then 'iCloud', 'Account and setup' then 'This topic is not listed'. Explain the situation in the box provided and wait for a response - include a phone number. However you may find you cannot proceed without entering a hardware serial number which is still eligible for AppleCare.


    In that event you will need to phone them directly, using the Apple Online Store number given at the bottom of this page. The first person you speak to may tell you to do it from the iCloud website but this is not possible. Politely insist on escalating the issue to a more senior person and eventually you should be able to get through to someone who can deal with this (you may have to wait for them to call you back) - you will be asked security questions and for part of your credit card number to identify yourself.


    If it is more than 15 days since you purchased the storage you cannot cancel it for a refund; you can downgrade your plan as from your next renewal date. Please see



    and expand 'Downgrade your storage for the next plan year'.

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    I had the same problem.  I tried to load an app on my ipad and a message came saying "you do not have enough storage"  so I paid $100 for more storage, and I still got the message. Then I discovered there are two kinds of storage, one is icloud storage, and the other is storage on the device itself.  I had too many other things on my ipad and had to take them off to be able to load the app. 


    "To contact Apple" I actually called them for the refund, but I feel cheated. This is what they did.  They said they would refund the $100 (after 20 minutes of hassling about it) but I had to go back to square one with the 5GB. But in March of this year, I had bought 25GB for $40!!! So I lost out on this.  I should have researched storage before I needlessly bought more of it.  I should have just stayed with the 55GB for $100!!! But what a tricky way to get people to not cancel their order!!!


    I am sure that many other people make this same error when an app says "there is not enough storage".  It really seems unfair, yet I do blame myself for not trying harder to figure it out before I plunked down $100.


    Any thoughts on this???

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    I had the same problem. But rather than going through all the internet calling (I tried to schedule a call numerous times but it just didn't work) I called directly to my local Apple store representative, and after verifying my ID, they took care of the matter and refunded the amount to my credit card. All in 15 minutes. So I would recommend just calling and explaining your problem to the Apple staff, they are helpful and friendly.

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