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Hello teams,


I tried to update my iPhone 4 (iOS 4.3.3) to iOS 5 and it seems I lost everything after the update. (calendar, notes, contacts, sms history, photos and music).

I hope you can help me to retrieve my data.


Here is what I did :


    • Started iTunes, connected my iPhone.
    • I observed an informal pop up telling that a new update was available for iPhone (iOS 5).
    • I clicked on "Yes" to execute the update and the downloading process started.
    • iTunes asked to update purchased items from iTunes first. I accepted and I waited until iTunes finished the downloading process of purchased items.
    • Then, in ITunes interface, I clicked on the Update button from iPhone window to re-start the update process. I clicked -again- on "Yes" to execute the update and the downloading process started -again-.


    • When the backup process finished successfully, the update to iOS 5 started.


    • After 15 min, the iPhone needed some answers to setup questions (location service, ...).
    • Then, I choose to restore from iTunes (option number 3) and the restore process started.


     After 3 hours, I observed:

    • On iTunes, the non-closable pop-up with the green progress meter was flashing on 50% telling that 9 hours were still remaining. (note that this time estimation has been changing during all the download time).
    • On iPhone, the restoring process with the battery picture was 100%.


    • Because I suspected it was too long, I decided to stop and disconnect the USB cable.


    • The iPhone restarted and re launched the set up process with questions (location service, ...).
    • This time, I choose to set up the iPhone as new (option number 1) and the installation finished.



Now, I have a fresh new iPhone, without any of my data. (calendar, notes, contacts, sms history, photos and music).


If I connect the iPhone (with iOS 5) on ITunes, it starts the backup... I don't want to erase my previous backup.


How can I transfer all my data (from my iPhone before the update) to my iPhone (with iOS5) ?


Sorry for the long post, I hope it will help other people facing the same situation.

Thank you a lot for your answers.



iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3, Windows 7 and iTunes