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I use network screen sharing through both "Back to my Mac" and on my local home networks a lot.



Note: For clarity I'll refer to Remote Mac (the mac I'm remotely logging into) and Local Mac (for the computer currently on my lap)



When screen sharing to a remote mac and keeing the remote-mac's desktop in a window on the local mac, screen sharing works smoothly and flawlessly, and on this local macbook air resource usage tops out at about 40% CPU.



However, if I click the Full-Screen button on the local mac to show the remote screen as the full screen instead of in a window, CPU usage essentially doubles to 80%, the network session gets jumpy and jittery, and even the local interface gets jumpy (the local menu bar at the top of the screen struggles to come down out of hiding when I put the cursor at the top of the screen; the local machine struggles to switch desktop spaces...)



This isn't a problem with all full screen apps on this local mac, so I know that it's not just that it has crappy graphics hardware. I can happily use iPhoto, Mail and iCal in full screen without any issues.



Anyone else experiencing this "glitch" or am I the only one?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2), C2D 11" MBA with 4GB RAM