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Visually, I find the new iCal in 10.7 really disappointing.  Although the faux leather and torn paper edge only bother by graphic sensibilities, loosing the calendar sidebar affected my workflow a great deal.


I died on the inside a bit, and then moved on and learned to live with it.  And then last week calendar events started disappearing.  This has happened in the past and most of the time they came back after re-syncing sometime later.  This is different, these events aren't coming back, and I'm done with iCal.


Therefore - does anyone have an alternate calendar app suggestion?  Free is better obviously, but not a requirement - although the software would have to be pretty killer to warrent spending over $50.  I have been a mobile me user for years, but these problems make me think that I'm now finished with it and won't be moving to iCloud anytime soon.  Therefore syncing events from my desktop to my phone and laptop are a bonus, but no longer strictly necessary.


And before anyone flames me - yes these problems with iCal have cost me money and yes, I've googled this and found lots of lists of calendar and time tracking software - researched them - and not found anything that I liked as much as iCal in 10.5/10.6.


Can anyone offer some help here? 

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    I'm sorry that I can't help you, but I have to say that I agree.  The loss of the list of calendars off to the side is a major disappointment to me too.  I have been scouring the community here trying to find out how I can make my calendar look like it did in Snow Leopard. 


    I did ask about the switch to iCloud in the other forums and I did get one response that said syncing on the iCloud worked better than mobile me.  I haven't switched yet, but it is just something to consider.  Hopefully someone else can help you with an alternative. 

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    I read a little on this forum after I posted this in frustration.  Someone mentioned BusyCal, and I have to say that I like it a lot.  I think that this was a program that I looked at in the App Store, but skipped it because I couldn't be sure if it was any good or not.  However, I looked at the developer's website and found that they offered a trial, which is what I'm currently using.  Unless I experience any hiccups, I think that I'll be purchasing...

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    I've been using BusyCal for almost six months and I won't go back to iCal.  I think iCal is fine for a personal or family calendar, but for business use or "power users", BusyCal is the way to go.


    The calendar list and ToDos that carry forward are a must for me and syncing with Google is a breeze.  I sync it to my iPhone and iPad using iCloud (prior to iCloud, I synced with MobileMe). The ToDos sync to all three (using BusyToDo on the iPhone nad iPad).


    Works great and the one question I had was answered the same day by thier support team via email.  Go for it.

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    What about Mozilla.org's Sunbird?  Honestly, it has been a long time since I looked at it, and it is still a beta, but it won't cost you anything to download it and see what you think.