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  • pnford Level 1 Level 1

    You would have to have a developers account.  I would assume Apple would be releasing it fairly soon.

  • Kinst Level 1 Level 1

    koliakop wrote:


    Как мне поменять купленный в финке телефон, если у меня не осталось чека?

    С контрактом брал? Тогда нет проблем. Мне первый раз вообще гарантийные чеки не пробили - я на следующий день вернулся менять, так как камера не работала - "где чеки" - "какие???" - "ладно..."

    Но, судя по тому, что обсуждали возможность обмена минут 20, оператор не уполномочен МЕНЯТЬ - только ЧИНИТЬ.


    Если без контракта - то никак.


    Short translation: Q: HOW TO EXCHANGE MY iPhone, if I bought it in Finland but miss the receipt. A: If that purchase was with contract, than no problem. If not - forget it.

  • Bennybeanbag Level 1 Level 1

    I've been having this problem for a week or so. I believe it is related to 5.0.1 as I never had any problems on 5.0.


    Until I get the chance to try 5.1 I've found that the problem can be worked around by the briefest of flicks to speaker and off again once you've initiated a call (literally as soon as you start before it connects or anything just tap the speaker icon on and then off). It seems to work for now.

  • Don Coyote Level 1 Level 1

    I got the 4S from the day it came out and have had the problem where the other person cannot hear, pressing the speaker button twice would cure the problem.  I took the phone to the genius bar where they stated they would change the phone but thought it would not fix the problem as it sounded like a software problem.


    I updated the phone to 5.0.1 and the problem remained.  I took the phone to the Genius bar where they replaced the phone; I immediately tried a call and sure enough the problem was not fixed.  TheGenius then said that the only remianing thing they could do was replace the sim card.  They did that in store and I have since made 35 calls with no repetition of the problem; previously the problem was happining on average for 1 in 4 calls.

  • kostchak Level 1 Level 1

    As i said in a previous post i had the same problem, plus i couldnt use the apple earphones , when i was made a call immedialty opened the speaker . Today i change the micro sim ( the previous was 1,5 years old ) and everything are working perfect .

  • mkereti4 Level 1 Level 1

    I have changed 3 micro sim card's, and nothing.... Still 1/5 calls i don't hear the person i have called....


    I just wait to 5.1 IOS to come out whith the fix for this bug....i hope so

  • Bennybeanbag Level 1 Level 1

    I would love this to be a sim problem but I don't believe it is. The original poster states he has a Verizon iPhone and that is a CDMA handset that doesn't even have a sim. There are people on here with both sim and non-sim handsets reporting the same problem.


    Likewise I don't think it's a hardware issue as I didn't experience this for several weeks (I have a launch day IP4S) and as previously stated it only occured after updating to 5.0.1


    Fingers crossed 5.1 fixes it.

  • Incredulocious Level 1 Level 1

    It's interesting that some people are saying that the developer release of 5.1 has fixed it for them while others report that getting a replacement handset addressed it.  I would think that this is a software issue but I went ahead and visited an AT&T store to see about a replacement.  I was directed to go to an Apple store which I then did.  I explained this issue I was having as well as the immediate and frequent loss of bluetooth connection (described in other threads) and they gave me a new phone.


    Well, I've tested it several times without any bluetooth device and with the differnt nav systems in two cars as well as my headset.  All is good so far!  No lack of audio on outbound calls or drop of bluetooth connection any more.  (And both problems were happening frequently before, even after a complete restore.)

  • Boogieman77 Level 1 Level 1

    Well heres a little bit of interesting info for you all that have gotten a replacement.  I got mine not long after my last post probably a couple of weeks ago or longer didnt bother to see.  All of a sudden the problem has returned.  The phone was flawless for that long of a time and now here we go again....  This has to be a software issue with drivers or something of the nature.  I mean the only thing I can point out is that I did just update to IOS 5.01 maybe three or so days ago.  So even getting a new phone that works flawlessly it will return as it did in my case.

  • Kevinsky18 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm begining to wonder if it's both software and hardware.  I'm wondering if there's a software glitch that is actually physically damaging the phone.


    I noticed after updating that my phone was really bad the speaker tap trick wouldnt work and incoming calls were an issue as well. 


    After going back to factory settings it was still acting up but I could do the speaker tap work around.  In other words the software might have damaged the phone so that then even going back to factory settings left it crippled.

  • sirifanboy Level 1 Level 1

    I spoke to Apple customer service named Chen today. By the way, I am on my 3rd iPhone 4S 16GB Black on AT&T US. According to Chen, the iPhone backup has a problem. If I restore as a new phone, all the problem will go away. I reminded him that lots of users did factory restore and problem still there. And also I reminded him - it's their s/w who took the backup in the first place! Why it is corrupted now? Didn't you test before you release the product? No answer. I also asked about 5.1 release. No comment.


    I have 3 problems now:

      1. Annoying static noise - even the Chen guy heard how bad it is and he confirmed that it's a problem.

      2. Dropped calls - 80% to 90% calls are getting dropped.

      3. Outgoing call - no sound. When I redial - it always work.


    If I don't do factory restore as a new phone - Chen told me that they are not going to replace the phone anymore. What do you guys think? It's a pain to set everything up again. Should I wait for the elusive 5.1 release and pray that 5.1 will magically fix all those problems?

  • hanstar Level 1 Level 1

    Same Problem here in South Korea.


    I have my first White iPhone 4S 64G. Use earphone. Siri off

    I wish this no sound problem would be solved soon.

  • CaptainFlam Level 1 Level 1

    I read most replies in this unusually long thread to try to forge an opinion on whether the 'no audio' issue is a Software or Hardware problem. I am an engineer and work in IT. I tend to vote for a Hardware issue that only affects some phones due to poor/random quality on one of its components.


    We have experienced the problem on multiple iPhone 4s 16GB we purchased for my company. They were originally on IOS5.0 and the 'no audio' problem was already there. Upgraded to 5.01. Did not solve the problem. I noticed that the problem tends not to show when the battery is fully charged. I charge the phone every night and my first calls in the morning usually work ok. It could be that a sensor muting the embedded earspeaker doesn't work well unless receiving sufficient current. This could explain why briefly pressing the Speaker button on and off resolves the problem as all of a sudden the sensor muting the earspeaker would get a small surge of current good enough to flip it. It could also explain why brand new phones having better battery performance don't show the problem before a few weeks after which battery power may slightly decrease. Enough to show the Audio problem.


    Can you guys share if you notice the problem tends to manifest itself only when battery is not fully charged?


    If that is to be the case, I think Apple has to deal with poor/random quality on one of the internal components in which case best is to get your phone replaced. No SW upgrade will fix such a problem. Again this is pure guessing in attempts to do what Apple should be doing.


    Apple's stubborn behaviour in not publically acknowledging the problem and not caring for their customers by refusing to explain what to do to fix their product is simply catastrophic. The Iphone is the most expensive phone on the planet. Never will you buy a Porsche, a Ferrari or a BMW and get this kind of service. These cars sometimes have problems also but their manufacturer will turn the problem into an opportunity to delight their customers by providing excellent service.


    People used to buy Apple because it is simple and it works. These times are obviously gone with Steve.

  • Bennybeanbag Level 1 Level 1

    I had this problem yesterday morning on the first 3 calls I tried to make and my battery level was up in the 90% region. Later in the day back at home I had pretty much the same problem when the battery was down in the 30% region.


    Oddly, when I had 5.0 running and poor battery life was an issue (only slightly for me but it was running down in about 8-10 hours and in the low 60% region most of the day) I never experienced this silent issue. It really has only come about since 5.0.1

  • ifone4hyd Level 1 Level 1

    Hey I had been facing the same problem. It got resolved as of now-  I just went to settings -> Network -> turned on the cellular data, my phone then started responding to the network...this worked for me

    I'm now able to make calls and take calls again.................

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