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    Three of us in my family have a brand new iPhone 4S from Sprint and ALL have the same issue -- no audio and microphone does not work when using the included earphones/hands-free setup.  Third-party headphones had the same result. 


    The problem seems to be the hardware -- all three phones behave the same way: if you push the headphone jack down a bit you get some clicking sounds and if you hold the jack down (pushed in) you will get audio (and mic will work) but it all fails as soon as you let go of the jack.


    This seems to be a VERY common problem on the 4S judging from this thread and the three brand new phones we have.  It's a MAJOR problem given that the law requires hands free use of mobile phones in several states including California and New York!  APPLE, PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE AND FIX THIS ISSUE.

  • gabrielgbau Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm from Brazil (bought my 4S 32GB Black here) and I have the same problem since last week (I got the cellphone on December 16). By doing a restore of the network settings the problem seems to be gone for a while. Should I still be worried about it?

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    Update - I took it to the Genius Bar in San Francisco, and the first time around was told that it was likely a software issue or possible an earphone issue, so they wiped my phone and gave me new headphones, and handed me back the phone. As soon as that was done, I tried again and had the same exact issue. I immediately demonstrated it for them, they took it back, and then said that they don't know how to resolve it so they gave me a new phone.


    Interesting that the first time they seemed to say they couldn't replicate the issue and that the software refresh should fix things, but immediately when I replicated it for them they were pretty quick about just handing me a new phone, no questions asked. Not really sure what's going on, but my phone was definitely faulty since the new one has absolutely no headset issues.

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    Same thing here...though it is not happening all the time, I have had a handful of times w/o audio!

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    Update: Took my iPhone 4s into an Apple Genius Bar, explained the issues: (1) intermittent lack of audio on phone calls and (2) wierdness with headset attached where phone switches to speaker phone mode. Genius listened attentively shaking his head in the affermative as I explained the issues. He took the phone to the back room to try to reproduce the problem and returned shortly stating that he could not get it to happen but has heard of the issue and would gladly give me a new phone. The whole thing was done withing 10 minutes (minus the three hour wait time for a genius bar appointment).


    I got the phone back home, restored all my stuff from iCloud, and proceeded to try and reproduce the issues with my new phone. Previously, I could get the problem to occur after about five to eight (max) calls. I made about twenty-five calls and all is working well.


    The phone came with iOS 5.0 and I have not yet updated to 5.0.1 but so far, everything is looking good. 

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    I've been following this thread from the beginning, hoping for a resolution. I must say that this is SHOCKING service from Apple.


    I bought my phone via Telia in Sweden and we do not have any Apple stores hear so the only possibility for me is to send my phone to the Telia service centre for 'repair' or exchange. But first, they have to find or acknowledge the problem. I have a 32g 4S White Model number begins A1387.


    The only problem so far is that every so often, there is no audio on outgoing calls. Still, I paid a lot of money and I want it to work correctly without any problems at all!


    I have been waiting and waiting hoping to see an answer or an update from Apple, but so far nothing! Even after 108 pages of a thread reporting problems...... Very disappointing.


    I hoping for an update to fix this problem soon. If it turns out to be a hardware issue and I've waited all this time without any acknowledgement or support from apple. I'm switching myself and family to another phone. Full Stop.


    Does anyone actually think that the next update will solve this problem???

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    I disabled the pin code protection of my sim card card it solved the problem.

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    I have the same problem. I don't know what to do with this problem. I can hear audio only when I turn the speaker on. I used "restore". That didn't work..:( I've always thought that Apple has fantastic phones, but it's probable that I'll change it for samsung. It's quite expensive and unfortunately not worth a high price. I've never had the same problems with my previous mobile Samsung Galacxy S.

    I'm a bit disappointed in it. I'm trying to solve this problem without an exchange of iPhone, but I see more and more that it won't make any difference when I try to repair it myself. I think, when I see your comments, that it's common fault of iPhone 4S.

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    MYy Phone has been taken from me for the past TEN DAYS without any reply from apple on what will they do or what will happen. I can't believe many people as well as I have paid a fortune to get a new phone and end up without it for long periods of time.


    Disappointed doesn't even begin to describe how the loyal customers and consumers feel. If Apple doesn't acknoweldge this issue and try to fix it soon enough, I will change my mind of the entire brand.

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    I too am having the same issue on my 4s 16gb black, I do not use the headphones however the issue is still prevalent when making calls using the handset, I have found the only solution is to immediately hit the speakerphone button, wait for the call to start ringing and then switch back to the earpiece, I now do this as second nature, but really I shouldn't need to.


    I will be waiting to see if there is any change in iOS 5.1 or whatever they release next, if not I may have to pay a visit to the genius bar which is some distance away.

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    I am another victim of this issue. I am a Dubai resident and recently purchased an iPhone 4S, 16 GB. Eagerly waiting to see Apple's comments on this matter.

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    Tambien tengo el mismo problema, aqui en PERU con el operador CLARO, he conseguido solucionar parcialmente el problema, cuando realizo la llmada ... pongo en altavoz..luego en mute...luego apago altavoz ..y luego mute.. y funciona...


    Alguna otra manera de solucionar o hay que esperar a ios 5.1 ??


    a proposito x que no permiten el PERSONAL HOTSPOT a los Operadores del Peru (CLARO Y MOVISTAR) ???



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    what is really annoying that the pages are now over 100and there is many post about the same problem and still NOTHING from apple side ..


    am facing the same problem on my iphone 4 and tried everything to solve it but nothing change ..

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    Es muy triste que despues del dinero que pagamos por este terminal de ultima generación, haga de todo bien menos para lo que realmente es: llamar.


    Y lo peor es que gente como yo, que creía en Apple, que creía en ese concepto de sacar al mercado cosas que funcionan de verdad, despues de tanto ahorrar y tanto tiempo esperando para tener un iPhone ahora me encuentro totalmente decepcionado. Como esto dure mucho me vuelvo a mi anterior HTC.